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Climate Change Volunteering
Climate Change Volunteering

Climate Change Volunteering

For most people, including the vast majority of scientists, climate change largely as a result of human activities is an accepted fact. The time left until this starts to have serious consequences for the planet as a whole is not certain, however many respected sources put this at around 20-30 years.

Governments around the world have made varying commitments to researching climate change or reducing the factors that lead to it, but in all but a few cases this is given a back seat compared to immediate or economic concerns. More recently, it has become clear that the world's largest economies either do not wish to accept the reality of climate change or are not willing to make the neccesary changes in the required timescale.

Why is climate change volunteering important?

Climate change is increasingly being recognised as the single biggest threat to the future of biodiversity on Earth. Climate models have indicated that up to 35% of species could become extinct by 2050. Costa Rica lies within the Mesoamerican biodiversity hotspot, and is one of the world’s most biodiverse and threatened areas. It’s system of protected areas are currently home to an estimated 75% of the country’s species, however, it is unclear how climate change will affect their ecosystems. Costa Rica is a country which stands to lose a great deal due to the effects of a rapidly warming climate. Ecotourism is such an important sector of the country’s economy, a serious decrease in the levels of biodiversity in the National Parks could see the national economy seriously affected. Since the late 1980s Costa Rica became a popular destination for ecotourism. It is therefore imperative to understand the likely changes to the biota existing within the protected areas in order to concentrate conservation efforts on those which are most at risk.

What climate change work does Frontier undertake?

Frontier is working to address a number of important questions to safeguard the future of Costa Rica’s economically and biologically important natural heritage, including the effect is environmental change is currently having on the biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula in south-west Costa Rica. Through long-term biodiversity surveys, we aim to look whether there is adequate existing connectivity between habitat blocks to allow ecosystem migration, and whether any large-scale conservation efforts can be implemented to safeguard the broad habitat types which characterise the natural habitats of Costa Rica.

To apply for a project, or for more information, click the "Apply Now" button, fill in and submit the short application form and one of our volunteer advisers will give you a call back.

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Climate Change

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Costa Rica Climate Change Project

Carry out groundbreaking survey work in Costa Rica's remote habitats and help combat the effects of climate change as you track and conserve some of the country’s most mysterious creatures.
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  • Region: The Americas
  • Activity: Discount
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Svalbard Polar Bear Voyage

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Lisbon Marine Conservation Project

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  • Activity: Climate
  • Duration: maximum 4
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Cuba Coral And Marine Exploration

Help with the exploration and collection of data to establish the health of the coral reef in Cuba
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Environmental Internship in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Explore the tropical paradise of St Vincent and the Grenadines and join a multicultural community of activists to combat the global issue of climate change.
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  • Region: The Americas
  • Activity: Climate
  • Duration: 4 weeks
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