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Animal Care & Wildlife Conservation Projects

Are you an animal lover and wish to make a difference for our planets wildlife? With Frontier you can either work on close hand with both weird and wonderful animals by taking on an animal care project or you can choose to go out in the field to study, survey and explore the both endangered and many other exciting species in uniwue destinations!


Animal Care Projects

Deforestation and illegal hunting are continuous global threats to habitats and species. Due to these risks, many animals are often injured, orphaned and in need of care before being released back into the wild. This requires wildlife sanctuaries, and the sanctuaries require volunteer help in order to stay open and care for the affected animals.

Volunteering to work in a sanctuary will allow for a variety of experiences of caring and looking after a range of animals. It can be a hands-on experience that also includes helping with feeding, giving care to young or sick animals, and helping to maintain the enclosures. Not only do volunteers make a significant contribution to the running of the sanctuaries, the understanding of animal care and behaviour gained will be invaluable.


To apply for a project, click the "Apply Now" button and one of our volunteer advisers will get in touch to help you find the perfect animal care placement!



Wildlife Conservation Projects

Terrestrial wildlife across the globe is reducing at an alarming rate and many species that we know and love are at risk of extinction; elephants, tigers, rhinos, lions, pandas, sloths, jaguars and many more. Wildlife conservation programmes are vitally important in the effort to protect species and their habitats. Frontier runs several conservation programmes, working in some of the most biodiverse but threatened areas on the planet. Volunteers support our trained scientific researchers in collecting baseline data and monitoring changes in biodiversity, contributing to the protection of threatened wildlife and ecosystems, whilst having the privilege of observing wildlife in its natural habitat. Data collected on these projects is used to inform and educate governments, businesses and communities responsible for the protection of these areas and species.

  To apply for a project, click the "Apply Now" button and one of our volunteer advisers will get in touch to help you find the perfect wildlife conservation project!