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School Projects

School Projects

For every 10 students we offer a free teacher place. Call our School Projects Coordinator on 0207 613 2422 to find out more!

Imagine scuba diving in the coral blue seas of Fiji, stalking lions and elephants through the Tanzanian Savannah, or explore India's magnificent temples in search of ancient treasures? With Frontier you and your students can!


Frontier school Projects are completely tailor-made to your requirements. We offer a wide range of activities and experiences that combine physical, intellectual, social and environmental challenges:

What We Do For You

Drawing on our years of operational experience we will develop a well-structured bespoke programme, providing you with information on a range of possible locations and activities. This includes several sample itineraries that are appropriate and within your time-scale. You then tailor these suggestions to your requirements, creating a truly unique experience with minimal effort on your part.

You and your students will not simply be joining one of our permanent field programmes, you are the focus of the Project and the itinerary will be built around you.

Project Activities & Qualifications

Our Projects are designed to enhance classroom learning with real-world experiences. They can incorporate a wide range of educational activities in the natural sciences, history, tourism, or social studies fields. Projects are designed to meet your educational curriculam requirements; fit the dates and budget of your students along with satisfying parents and teachers needs with high safety standards.

All chosen Project locations are ideal for running challenging and safe conservation activities, offering opportunities for trekking, wildlife conservation and community projects.

Your students will discover rich wildlife, gain a cultural understanding of tropical developing countries, and develop their Project management and leadership skills.

Remember for every 10 students we offer a free teacher place including airfare. Call our School Projects Coordinator on 0207 613 2422 to find out more!