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School Project Locations

School Project Locations


The largest and one of the most exotic islands in the Indian Ocean, famed for its beautiful forests and spectacular coastline. This island paradise has been isolated for over 165 million years, and much of the flora and fauna is found nowhere else in the world. Discover some of the most fascinating wildlife on the planet including lemurs, chameleons, sea turtles, humpback and southern right whales. You can even dive among the extensive and pristine coral reefs of northern Madagascar.

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The biodiversity hotspots of the upland forests of Tanzania, termed "the Galapagos of Africa", hold high numbers of endemic and rare species, such as the red colobus and leopard. The Savannas and Miombo Woodland of the Kilombero valley are home to African big game, including elephant, lion, and the last populations of the rare puku antelope. The coastal coral reefs are also one of the top dive sites in the world, harbouring dolphins, turtles and even dugongs.

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Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing destinations in the world, with its combination of mystical Buddhist origins, and peaceful and spiritual indigenous populations. Nepal attracts those who wish to visit a less developed country where much of the ancient religious and cultural heritage has been sustained. Trek far above the clouds on an ancient trail carved out by the passing of thousands of years of nomadic herders, with views of Everest before you, painted purple by glow of the rising sun.

Descend into jungles teeming with tigers, rhinos and other exotic animals, where you can elephant trek or white-water raft. Spend an unforgettable time in an orphanage or school, where you play and sing with children, or make a pilgrimage to one of Nepal's most breathtaking temples, tucked away high in the mountains.

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A land of ancient cultures and even more ancient forests. Decades of conflict have left the country extremely poor, but the country has recently emerged to become one of the most exciting travel destinations in Asia. A large number of the world’s endangered mammals live in Cambodia’s forests, including sun bear, Asian elephant, tiger, leopard, and gibbon. You will discover the huge diversity of flora and fauna, and work with local Khmer communities to identify threats to their fragile sustainable livelihoods.


An unspoiled paradise of hundreds of volcanic islands scattered over 1.3million sq km of ocean. Stunning coral islands and azure lagoons host an amazing diversity of marine life, including manta rays, whales, sharks and dolphins. You’ll evaluate coral cover and record fish and marine mammals through your dive and snorkel surveys. Reef assessments will identify damaging practices and provide recommendations for sustainable management.