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Teaching and Community Project Coordinator (Fiji)

Frontier are seeking a Project Coordinator with a proven ability to lead volunteers, to manage and develop the Frontier Teaching & Community Projects in Fiji.

Job Description

The Project Coordinator would be responsible for taking managing and developing the Frontier Teaching & Community Projects. The Project Coordinator will offer a valuable service to the local community within which they are working by providing essential skills such as teaching English and other subjects, and managing volunteer placements within the community in line with Frontier’s structured outreach programme.

This position encompasses a wide range of responsibilities and requires someone with intiative, enthusiasm and the ability to work independently. The successful candidate will be responsible for arranging volunteer project placements, administering the project and budgets, liaising and negotiating with local organisations and partners and taking responsibilty for the overall running of the programme. The successful candidate will also have the chance to take part in teaching at the local schools, therefore a TEFL qualification is desireable.

More specifically, the Project Coordinator will have responsibility over:

- Development and implementation of new projects / placements through liaison with local organisations, national authorities, and international agencies;
- Planning and overseeing all project logistics and schedules;
- Developing Frontier’s structured outreach programme to accommodate the needs of local communities;
- Placement and management of volunteers;
- Administration and control of field budgets and production of accounts and reports to London HQ;
- Responsible for all liaison with placements, including daily communications and regular visits.
- Teaching English classes, other subjects or helping with community activities as per the agreed schedule.
- Feedback reporting to London HQ on all project activities including daily diaries of volunteer movements;



  • Resilience and maturity as well as a flexible approach
  • Negotiation and liasion skills
  • Administrative and time managemnet skills
  • Experience of budget and financial management 
  • Experience teaching or working on community projects
  • Experience in working with and supporting volunteers


  • TEFL qualification
  • Experience of teaching in developing countries
  • Experience of workign with NGOs
  • Sense of humour

Every application is carefully considered.


For further information and to apply, please follow the link below or send a CV and cover letter to staff@frontier.ac.uk

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country : Fiji

job category : Overseas Positions

job type (s): Teaching & Community Project Coordinator

job area (s) : Administration

deadline for applications : No deadline

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"Frontier have made me feel truly involved and valued, and demonstrate unflinching dedication to their projects." - Brittany Murphy, Fiji Project Manager



"I now feel ready for the next stage of developing my career in conservation. I am lucky enough to be going out to the Frontier marine project in Tanzania as an Assistant Research Officer in April which I am incredibly excited for!" - Eleanor Stewart, Events & Outreach Intern



"From day one, I felt like I was given a level of real responsibility within the marketing team—manning social media accounts, writing blog articles, interviewing volunteers and negotiating with marketing departments in other organisations to help promote Frontier in the wider world." - Ellie Hughes, Online Journalism Intern



"The experience is completed by working with some of the most talented, welcoming and fun people you will find, I fell this has set me up well for a career in conservation." - Alex Caldwell, Research & Development Intern