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Conservation Project Coordinator - Tenerife

We are seeking a Conservation Project Coordinator for our Whale and Dolphin Conservation project in Tenerife. They will be responsible for the successful running of the project including management of volunteers, logistics, research and administration.

The successful candidate will oversee the management, support and development of volunteers in all aspects of their participation on the project. They will be responsible for the administration, organisation and supervision of all project activities including; accommodation and equipment maintenance, purchasing food supplies, control of budget, reporting and marketing activities.

- Management, support and development of volunteers / research assistants in all aspects of their participation on the project.

- To ensure the health and safety of all volunteers and field staff involved in the project, dealing with any medical incidents should they arise, being ready to initiate and implement an emergency medical evacuation procedure if necessary.

- Organisation and supervision of project activities and the schedule of Research Assistants camp duties. Preparation of a camp work schedule taking into account all relevant safety, physical, logistic and financial considerations.

- Administration and control of project budget, ensuring that expenditure does not exceed allocated funds.

- To develop proposals for work with other potential sites/organisations (including site visits and meetings as and when required).

country : Spain

job category : Overseas Positions

job type (s): Project Manager

job area (s) : Research / Administration

deadline for applications : No deadline

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