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TEFL What Next?

Make your choice

The next thing to do, after choosing your project and paying your deposit, is to choose your TEFL route. Make sure you read the information about the TEFL options carefully and decide which is best for you.

TEFL Certificate

If you want to go ahead with the Frontier TEFL Certificate you can simply download the TEFL Handbook from your online area and start planning! Don't forget to complete the log books at the back of the TEFL handbook whilst on the project and send them back to us to get your certificate!

TEFL Training Weekend

If you would like to book onto the training weekend please complete the booking form and send it back to us as soon as possible as places are limited! Please note that you will need to pay an extra £100 to attend the training weekend unless you have already signed up and pay for the TEFL BTEC which includes the cost of the weekend. The TEFL training weekend is compulsory for anyone taking part in the TEFL BTEC qualification.

How do I enrol on a TEFL BTEC?

If you want to make the most of your time in the field with a formal accredited qualification download the TEFL BTEC pack from your online area, complete this and send it back to us along with the course fee. Please note that you should complete the form and send payment at least 2 weeks before the training weekend date.

Once you have enrolled you will receive the BTEC Handbook as well as the TEFL Handbook to help you prepare for your course.

How much does a BTEC cost?

A Frontier BTEC costs £300 in addition to regular project fees. This includes the cost of the 2 day residential training weekend.