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BTEC Advanced Certificate in the Practice of Teaching English as a Foriegn Language

This qualification is available for volunteer teachers and teaching assistants on 4 week, or longer, projects. The syllabus comprises of 180 guided learning hours and the Advanced BTEC Certificate is a level 3 qualification the same level as an A-Level. This qualification covers 4 units:

  1. Foundations of English Usage
  2. Teaching Technique
  3. Class Planning & Management
  4. Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Many participants have used their Frontier project as a prominent component of their CV and found it essential in facilitating further work and study opportunities. In creating the BTEC qualification we have helped employers and universities to distinguish between short TEFL courses that are not accredited and only offer limited teaching experience and the Frontier experience involving pre-departure study and training, extensive experience in the field and a process of self-assessment and self-reflection.

While there are many opportunities to obtain TEFL certificates with various organisations, there are few opportunities to gain an internationally recognised qualification, which is accredited by a major examining body in the UK and so is instantly recognisable to future employers or universities.

What extra work will I do on the project to gain a BTEC certificate?

Your BTEC qualification will be assessed in a number of ways through the submission of various evidence sheets. Some of these will be signed off at the weekend training session which is compulsory for completing this course. Others will be signed off either during your project or on submission of your final portfolio. Assessments include activities and tests before your project, a log-book of your experience and evidence of the lessons you carry out. Full training on what to expect and a candidate handbook will be provided by Frontier staff prior to the project.

Did you say tests?

It is important that in order to teach English as a foreign language you have a basic understanding of the grammar and terminology involved. But don't panic! You'll find that although you may not already be familiar with the terminology, you are in fact already an expert at using English grammar, you just need to realise it. We will provide you with a comprehensive TEFL handbook explaining the differences between tenses and terminology in simple terms in order to prepare you for some basic tests during the training weekend. Everything is in the handbook so as long as you read it carefully you should be fine!

Conditions for enrolment in BTEC Advanced Certificate in the Practice of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

For volunteers participating in a BTEC qualification you must complete the enrolment form in your online area and payment is due at least two weeks prior to the relevant training weekend approximately 4 weeks prior to the project.

For volunteers participating in more than one project and who want to participate in the BTEC qualification, complete the enrolment form in your online area and payment is due at least two weeks prior to the training weekend taking place prior to the start date of your first project.

A refund of 50% of the BTEC fee will be given if the Frontier London HQ is notified in writing of a candidate's withdrawal no less than 35 days prior to the project start date.

No refund will be given if a candidate withdraws from the BTEC course less than 35 days prior to the project start date.

If you’re thinking of gaining a qualification with us and you would like to discuss your options further, why not give our dedicated Training Supervisor a call on 020 7613 2422. Our advisors have in-depth knowledge of all of our  qualifications and will be able to find the right one to make the most of your volunteer project.

Alternatively, to arrange call back, feel free to email training@frontier.ac.uk.

"I've really loved my time here in Madagascar. The teaching programme is extremely rewarding and well supported. It's great to feel like you are making a difference whilst also benefiting yourself by gaining excellent TEFL qualifications."

- Rio Bayley - Madgascar Teaching – BTEC Advanced Certificate TEFL