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Online Courses

We offer a huge range of online courses for you to try your hand at. Complete any of these courses from the comfort of your own home at a small additional cost, and head out on your project armed with fantastic skills and knowledge. Ranging from exam preparation for the FGASA Field Guide course to wildlife management, lodge management and animal behaviour, these courses cover all you will need to know.

You don't have to be taking part in one of our overseas projects to study these online courses – maybe you just want a new qualification to improve your CV & get it to top of the pile!

How do I apply?

Simply call one of our Volunteer Recruitment Advisors on 020 7613 2422 to find out more.

Our Online Partner

These courses are offered in partnership with FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) and their affiliates, offering you internationally accredited qualifications. Here’s what they have to say:

"We're an international online Virtual Campus offering a wide variety of wildlife, wildlife-related, natural science and ecotourism courses covering the spectacular diversity of life found on our planet and specifically on African savannahs. By completing these courses, you too can receive a variety of industry recognised, endorsed and accredited qualifications or simply enjoy a deeper understanding of the African wild and oceans."

Field Guiding

The basics of field guiding. Learn how to track and monitor the wildlife, how to identify plants, host your own game drives and even learn the art of stargazing. These courses are ideal preparation for completing the FGASA Level 1 Field Guide Certificate on our South African projects, as well as adding an extra level to your African wildlife experience.

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Wildlife Management

Wildlife management is not just about the overall care of wildlife and habitat, but also the control of human interaction, game capture and ranching, and understanding the animal's wellbeing. These four courses give you an in-depth guide to wildlife management, and can be the first step towards a truly rewarding career in caring for wildlife.

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Animal Behaviour

A comprehensive series of courses all about animal behaviour. Learn about the different animal Families, their relations and how to identify them, as well as being able to identify specific traits. Perfect for an introduction to the kind of wildlife you could be working with, preparing you for an amazing experience.

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Special Interest

The courses are ideal for the more unusual aspects of Southern Africa. Learn about the folklore, and geology of the region. Discuss the processes of evolution and find out what could be in store for the planet. Become an expert birder and learn about Southern African birdlife, or discover the perfect formula to running a successful game lodge. Fancy yourself as a bit of a shutterbug? Take the photography courses and learn all about the art of photography, especially how to take that perfect wildlife photograph.

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