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BTEC What Next?

The BTECs currently offered by Frontier do not convert directly into UCAS points. This is because our BTECs are customised courses which have been written specifically for our projects and our volunteers. The BTECs are still of course fully recognised by Edexcel, being part of the customised qualifications framework, which uses the same criteria and standards as the national qualifications framework. Our BTECs are all considered to be Level 3 qualifications, the same level as A-Levels on the NQF. These are very worthwhile qualifications which can provide significant assistance with university and employment applications. Their worth lies in the acknowledgement of the level and depth of knowledge gained in a subject area which is recognised by a nationally accredited organisation.

How much does a BTEC cost?

A Frontier BTEC costs £260 in addition to regular project fees.

How do I enrol on a BTEC?

Once you have been selected for an expedition on which a BTEC can be taken, a Frontier BTEC registration form will appear in your online area after your deposit has been paid.

You must fill out the enrolment form and make payment at least 2 weeks before the briefing weekend.