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What Next?

What Next?

Still Confused?

Maybe you have an idea about what country you want to go to, but you're not sure what kind of project to do… no problem! Give one of our expert advisors a call on 0207 613 2422 and they'll help you nail down that dream project.

Can't talk right now, or watching the pennies before the big adventure? Not to worry – fill out an enquiry form or request a call back and we'll call you back at a time that's good for you.

Found your Dream Project?

Now you know what project you want to do, when you want to go and how long for: here's what to do next.

Application Stage

Fill out the online application form. Once you've filled it out, or called us on 0207 613 2422, you'll be booked in for an informal chat with one of our expert advisors.

The Interview Process

The informal interview is our way of getting to know you better, and making sure the project is the right one for you and your needs. It's also your chance to ask any more questions you have. Once we're comfortable that the project is right for you, our advisors will confirm the project has a space, and send you an official offer letter.


After the interview, you have one week to pay your £200 non-refundable deposit. This gives us the okay to move your application on to the next stage. If you rustle up the cash within 24 hours, you'll get £50 off!

Personal Co-ordinator

So you've paid your deposit – now things really get going. You'll be put in touch with your personal volunteer co-ordinator, who's there to help you every step of the way. This is also when you'll get your very own Frontier T-shirt!

Access your Online Area

Now it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and log in to your online area. Here you'll find all the documentation you need to complete before heading off and also loads of handy hints; it even includes tips about fundraising! You'll also learn about the CoPE certificate and the PADI, and TEFL qualifications we offer. Don't forget to fill in your personal details to secure your place.

This is when you'll get the chance to enrol on one of our BTEC courses! We offer exclusive BTEC certificates in Tropical Habitat Conservation, Expedition Management, and TEFL. These look brilliant on your CV, and add an extra dimension to your adventure. Don't forget to order your kit now, to leave plenty of time before you leave to get all you need!

The Countdown

2 months before I leave

Your documentation is all read, your forms are all completed, you've raised your money and already have itchy feet.

All you need to do now is pay the first instalment of your project fee. You can do this either through your online area or by calling your volunteer co-ordinator. You'll also find more information on your online area – this includes your TEFL handbook (if you're going on a teaching project), advice on money, and how to register with the British High Commission. For those of you on teaching projects, the dates of the TEFL training days are listed in your handbook – book early to avoid disappointment!

Once your first instalment has been paid, group conservation project volunteers can attend a briefing weekend. This gives you a chance to meet fellow volunteers and learn, in-depth, what the project involves.

Although flights, visas, and insurance are not included in the project costs, our experts are always happy to advise you on the best deals and where to look. Don't forget to make sure your insurance covers you for the entirety of your trip, and you've let us know your flight times! We also encourage you to book your insurance as soon as possible, to make certain you'll be covered from the moment you pay and definitely before you travel.

1 month before I leave

The project is so close you can practically taste it! By now, you'll have completed all the forms and read all the documentation. Your volunteer co-ordinator is still on-hand for any of those final questions, and there are only the last few tasks to finish before you go on your adventure of a lifetime.

This is when you pay your final instalment. Once again, it will be available to pay on your online area, or you can call your volunteer co-ordinator to pay over the phone. You'll also find your field brief in your online area. This gives you all the details needed for your final preparations – including detailed information about what you'll be getting once you arrive; from airport pick-up (if included) to what food you'll be eating! It also gives you the low-down on the staff, the work, and the contact details of the local Frontier staff.

I'm there

At last! You've arrived at your project, and it's everything you've dreamed of and more! Now it's time to immerse yourself in the project – soak up the atmosphere and give everything a go; we want you to have the best time possible, and that means just going with the flow and seeing what comes your way.

Once you've landed, don't forget to give your UK volunteer co-ordinator a call or drop them an email to let them know you've arrived safely. We're still with you for any help you may need. With our in-country support, and 24/7 emergency contact in the UK, you're never alone.

On arrival, you'll also be given your local orientation talk, to get you on your feet and set you on your way.

All that's left now is to have fun!

The Return

I'm back

So you've reluctantly returned, and you're already planning your next adventure. We always like to keep in contact with previous volunteers, so don't forget us! There are still loads of projects that need your help, and many of our ex-volunteers have joined us again and again all over the world.

We ask you to send us a quick review of your experience, to let others know what it was like and to encourage other potential volunteers to take the plunge. You can email us photos, stories, and video clips for the website, and we have our own Facebook group for you to keep in touch with all your new-found Frontier friends. If you send us a review, we'll send you a free Frontier hoodie!

We always like to see people keep in touch, and there have been several reunions already. You can also come and see what it's like to work for Frontier in the UK – help us out with briefing weekends, careers fairs, and you could even join us at our London HQ! Many of the Frontier staff are ex-volunteers, and we have some great internships for you to get involved in.

We always love to hear from previous volunteers, whether they go to university, step into a career or decide to travel some more. Your Frontier experience is never quite over!


At the end of your project, you'll be given a de-briefing and feedback session before you leave for home. This gives you the chance to let the local staff know what you enjoyed and what could be improved.

Once you're home, we like to encourage volunteers to give feedback, and there is the opportunity to send written feedback directly to our London HQ.


We're happy to give references to prospective employers and university tutors, so don't hesitate to contact us. Don't forget you can also earn your TEFL, BTEC, or CoPE certificates when you volunteer with us too, which look great on a CV!