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Will the Project Continue After I Leave?

Will the Project Continue After I Leave?

At Frontier we love what we do! We love it so much that we want you to join in, and then tell everyone about your amazing experience. But what happens after you leave?

We don't like to leave things unfinished, and so we make sure that all your hard work doesn't go to waste, and our projects can continue to do all the great work they've been doing over the past few decades.

Continuing the Projects

Frontier only provides partner placements which are of genuine benefit to the communities which they serve. Frontier always aims to keep our projects up and running for a good many years so that you can be sure that the good work which you put in continues into the future.

Many partner projects include training workshops and capacity building for members of the local community, ensuring that the level of project knowledge is maintained and securing the project benefits into the future.

For more information on some of our partner organisations, see Partners & More or read our Teaching and Community Development Newsletter.