project review


Review submitted by Abbalena
Review date 28 Oct 2014


Here I am, on Mafia Island Tanzania. Diving in an incredibly beautiful place, surrounded by new friends that feel as though they will last a lifetime.
As the Assistant Dive Officer, being in the water is how I spend my day-to-day life on Frontier camp. Although they’re always is time for a mangrove walk and a bird survey or a walk into the village for chai and fresh doughnuts. The environment is beautiful, the local community it welcoming and helpful, and our Frontier family is fantastic.

As a scuba diver instructor on paper and at heart, I came to Mafia knowing about the underwater world, but was continuing on my way to understand the vast world that lives below the surface. Since arriving on camp I have not stopped learning. Learning about the local marine life, the aquatic environment as a whole and about how I can assist in the fight to save our oceans.

Our supportive staff, both local and international, bring vast quantities of diverse knowledge and experience to create an inspiring team of individuals that have formed together to create a working ‘conservation machine’. Whale Sharks outings, turtle hatching, environmental days with the local children and conservation lessons in the local schools.

The varying diversity of daily experiences have helped me concrete my goal to continue my professional career in marine conservation. Taking my love and new knowledge for the oceans and passing these lessons onto my students.I want to pass on a huge thank you to all our camp members who have helped me learn more about myself and the underwater world, which is were I feel most at home.

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