project review


Review submitted by Grace Ellison
Review date 3 Jun 2018


I volunteered on the Sri Lanka Leopard and Elephant conservation project for three weeks in September, and I had the most amazing time.


I learnt immeasurable amounts from Chandima about the behaviour of Sri Lanka's wildlife, as well as identification of birds, and so much from Chinthaka about the relationship between the villagers and the elephants in the surrounding areas.


I am very passionate about wildlife, and I have volunteered in game reserves in Africa several times, but never directly to improve the relationship between animals and people. The work done here to help reduce human-elephant conflict fascinates me, and I wish I could have worked on the project for longer.


The work is respectful to the elephants and all other beautiful creatures in the area, whilst being wonderfully educational for the volunteers. For these reasons, I believe that Frontier would be the best organisation for volunteers to experience wildlife naturally in Sri Lanka.


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