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Welcome to Uruguay

"Even with all of the amazing sights to see, my favourite part of the project was our weekend football games against the rival school and the parties afterwards. I really made some great friends!"

Uruguay is a country located in the south-eastern part of South America. It is home to 3.46 million people, of which 1.7 million live in the capital Montevideo and its metropolitan area.

It is bordered by Brazil to the north, by Argentina across the bank of both the Uruguay River to the west and the estuary of Río de la Plata to the southwest, and the South Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. It is the second smallest independent country in South America, larger only than Suriname and the French overseas department of French Guiana.

Montevideo was founded by the Spanish in the early 18th Century as a military stronghold. Uruguay won its independence in 1825-1828 following a three-way struggle between Spain, Argentina and Brazil. It is a constitutional democracy, where the president fulfils the roles of both head of state and head of government.

The economy is largely based on agriculture (making up 10% of GDP and the most substantial export) and the state sector, and relies heavily on world trade. Consequently, it is affected by any change in global prices. However, Uruguay's economy is on the whole more stable than in its surrounding states and it maintains a solid reputation with investors.

According to Transparency International, Uruguay is the second least corrupt country in Latin America (after Chile), with its political and labour conditions being among the freest on the continent.

In November 2007 it became the first Latin American country and the second in the American Continent to recognise same-sex civil unions at the national level.

94.6% of the population are of European descent. Just under half of the population are declared Roman Catholics. However, the majority of Uruguayans are only nominally religious.


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Uruguay Sea Turtle Conservation

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