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Welcome to United Kingdom

Geographically the United Kingdom is wildly diverse, from steep glens and fjord-like lochs in the north down to chalk white cliffs and pebble beaches in the south. Further as an Island nation, you are never more than 70 miles from the sea and the constantly changing coastline.

Originally a land of Kings and Queens, those looking for old Britain will not be disappointed, as the landscape is scattered in relics from Stonehenge through to Tudor castles.

From humble beginnings, the United Kingdom has developed into a global melting pot. Recognised for its achievements in literature, the arts and science there is a thriving culture to be enjoyed. A blend of bustling metropolitan cities and beautifully sculpted countryside means the UK has something for everyone to appreciate.

United Kingdom

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London Conservation N.G.O. Internship

Experience life living and working in this world famous city, whilst furthering your own career through our varied and in-depth internship.
Read Latest Reviews Prices: from US$1,745

  • Prices: from US$1,745
  • Region: Europe
  • Activity: Internship
  • Duration: 4 weeks +
  • Project code: UKI

UK Outdoor Instructor Scheme

Receive personal skill training in kayaking, open canoeing, hill and mountain walking, rock climbing, orienteering, first aid, risk awareness and hazard management.
Read Latest Reviews Prices: from US$18,045

  • Prices: from US$18,045
  • Region: Europe
  • Activity: Partner
  • Duration: 80 days
  • Project code: UKO

UK Tall Ships Sailing Expedition

Challenge yourself by joining the crew of a mighty tall ship as it sails across the shimmering blue ocean
Read Latest Reviews Prices: from US$895

  • Prices: from US$895
  • Region: Europe
  • Activity: AdvSports
  • Duration: 4 days +
  • Project code: UKS

London to Paris Climbing Adventure

Whether an experienced or novice climber, try your hand at bouldering in the unique forest setting of Fontainebleau, France.
Read Latest Reviews Prices: from US$595

  • Prices: from US$595
  • Region: Europe
  • Activity: AdvSports
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Project code: BBB

1 / 4 out of 4