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Welcome to Italy

"Out of nowhere we saw a pod of about 50 bottlenose dolphins. They just wanted to play in the water. They jumped, dived and loved riding the bow wave of the boat. We followed them for three hours and they were absolutely beautiful. It was definitely worth it."

Once the centre of Western civilisation, Italy is birthplace to Renaissance art, pasta, ice cream and la dolce vita. Ancient, delicate cities are set amongst overwhelming and dramatic landscapes, filled with turbulent and extraordinary history and culture. Italy has become synonymous with quality and refinement, earning its place over the centuries as one of the most influential European countries in the world.


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Italy Dolphin Monitoring & Sailing

Help to track and monitor the dolphin populations in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy – home of pizza, Milano style and Italian dolce vita.
Read Latest Reviews Prices: from US$1,195

  • Prices: from US$1,195
  • Region: Europe
  • Activity: Marine
  • Duration: 1-3 weeks
  • Project code: IDM

Italian Language School

Join this fantastic opportunity and fly to Italy with Frontier! Improve your linguistic skills, learn a new fascinating language that will bring you closer to new people all around the world.
Read Latest Reviews Prices: from US$745

  • Prices: from US$745
  • Region: Europe
  • Activity: Language
  • Duration: 1 week +
  • Project code: ILS

1 / 2 out of 2