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Volunteer in Tenerife
Volunteer in Tenerife

Volunteer in Tenerife

With its African climate and European infrastructure, Tenerife is a unique place to volunteer. Flights to Tenerife from European destinations are regular, reliable and great value. With the iconic Mount Teide, countless picturesque beaches and mountainous terrain, it is a naturally beautiful and unique island to explore. Although it is easy to get away from the tourist trail, modern conveniences are always close by when you need them. Sailing, SCUBA diving and other adventure sports are also available from many locations on the island.

Why volunteer in Tenerife?

Tenerife is a major migratory route for many species of dolphins, whales and other cetaceans. Because of this, tourist whale-watching boats are very common. The whale watching business can be run responsibly under the "Barco Azul" program which ensures cetaceans are not disturbed, and in this way cetaceans can be responsibly viewed in the wild, rather than in captivity.

What type of volunteering can I undertake in Tenerife?

Frontier volunteers in Tenerife help take part in cetacean research by monitoring the behaviour and numbers of wild whales and dolphins in the area and using this data to help inform local and global conservation initiatives.

Volunteers in Tenerife are also involved in awareness-raising outreach programs aimed at informing tourists of the benefits of responsibly viewing cetaceans in the wild rather than supporting the cruel practice of holding cetaceans captive.

The work undertaken by Frontier volunteers and staff in Tenerife is vital and ground-breaking, and is not undertaken by any other similar organisation.

“The volunteer house was alive with laughter, fun and people from all over the world getting to know each other The boat trips were amazing as you got to see the short fin pilot whales out in the wild and they are so relaxed around the boats, you also get to see many different types of dolphins swimming along the side of the boat and jumping out the water showing off. One memory will stay with me forever as a mother and a calf swam right alongside the boat and looked straight at me” - Max Kimble– Tenerife Whale and Dolphin Conservation

To find out more, please click on “Apply Now” and fill in the online application form. A volunteer adviser will contact you shortly to give you more information and discuss your options.

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Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Conservation

Explore the beautiful island of Tenerife and gain valuable experience in conservation whilst working to protect these majestic species in their natural habitat.
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  • Region: Europe
  • Activity: Marine
  • Duration: 1 week +
  • Project code: TRW

Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Conservation Course Credit Internship

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  • Duration: 4 weeks +
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Tenerife N.G.O. Media & Journalism Internship

Explore the beautiful island of Tenerife and gain valuable experience in journalism.
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  • Duration: 2 months +
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