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medical volunteering in australasia & the south pacific
a continent of sparkling seas & dazzling cultural diversity

Medical volunteering in Australasia & the South Pacific is the perfect way to experience a new and exciting country on your gap year or career break. Whether you are working with HIV/AIDS or malaria patients in Australasia & the South Pacific or assisting in the delivery of high quality treatment in a different area of medicine, you have the opportunity to make a significant addition to the life and work of a hospital or clinic which will value and appreciate your contribution in a profession that, more than any other, values teamwork. Frontier's medical volunteering programs in Australasia & the South Pacific provide high quality work experience which is essential if you are planning to go into the medical profession.

Our medical volunteering internships need varying levels of previous experience before you travel in Australasia & the South Pacific, so always check before you apply!

Check out our medical volunteering expeditions in Australasia & the South Pacific and find out how you can get involved:

Australasia, Medical & Healthcare Projects

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Fiji Medical

As a Fiji medical volunteer you will gain essential experience working on the delivery of vital healthcare services to the island communities of this dazzling and compelling destination.
Read Latest Reviews Prices: from US$1,845

  • Prices: from US$1,845
  • Region: Australasia
  • Activity: Medical
  • Duration: 2 weeks +
  • Project code: FJH

Fiji Healthcare

As a Fiji healthcare volunteer you will work to promote a positive lasting change in the health and lives of the people of Fiji.
Read Latest Reviews Prices: from US$695

  • Prices: from US$695
  • Region: Australasia
  • Activity: Community
  • Duration: 2 week +
  • Project code: FJC

1 / 2 out of 2