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language courses in asia
a continent of wild beauty & ancient cultures

Learn another language as you immerse yourself in the local community in Asia. In an ever-shrinking world, the need for multi-lingual individuals is greater than ever. Learning a language in its native environment has proved time and time again to be the best and most enjoyable way to acquire skills and proficiency, as you are hearing and speaking it in its true cultural context as you volunteer in Asia.

Whether on a gap year, taking a career break from the rat race back home or volunteering abroad, you can learn another language in a new and appealing country. Do something a bit different and learn another language abroad, and come away with lifelong friends and a wealth of amazing photos and memories when you travel in Asia.

Find the perfect gap year in Asia, and take a look at our language courses:

Asia, Language Course

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China Mandarin Language Course

Study at a well-known university, and learn Mandarin and the history and culture of your host country. Immerse yourself in its fascinating culture by learning the art of its people.
Read Latest Reviews Prices: from US$2,845

  • Prices: from US$2,845
  • Region: Asia
  • Activity: Language
  • Duration: 4 weeks +
  • Project code: CHL

Mongolia Teaching

Experience a culture unknown to most, ride horseback across endless plains, and learn Mongolian in a friendly homestay.
Read Latest Reviews Prices: from US$1,145

  • Prices: from US$1,145
  • Region: Asia
  • Activity: TEFL
  • Duration: 2 weeks +
  • Project code: MOT

1 / 2 out of 2