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Annabel Field Research and Development Intern

Annabel Field - Research and Development Intern

Having grown up with a mum that loves her animals I have always been surrounded by the majority of domestic pets available out there, sparking my interests into the general care of animals. Not to mention my love for the famous Disney movie The Lion King which I will never forget seeing on stage at London’s West End. Thinking of being able to grab the opportunity of seeing those sorts of animals in the wild was always my dream growing up, going on safari into the wilderness and seeing any wild animal right in front of my eyes in their natural habitat, which is so different from what we have here in the UK, just simply excited me. My interest was then nourished by watching wildlife programmes, particularly presented by the notorious David Attenborough, but just in general any documentaries on wildlife where I would pick up as many interesting facts as I could. My passions have been not just in animals, but also in seeing different parts of the world, including ticking off many an opportunity from my bucket list!

My animal passion started off with the interest of becoming a vet, but having done work experience whilst I was at college at my local veterinary practice, I realised it was exotic species that interested me as well as the variety and challenges that would be faced in an outdoor environment in the field. My undergraduate degree was in Environmental Management which I chose as I wanted to broaden my horizons and learn about ways of conserving the environment in regards to both biodiversity and finding the balance with local communities. I then had the opportunity of carrying out my dissertation in South Africa looking at the physical and human impacts upon the endangered Knysna Seahorse, which allowed me to gain vital experience into carrying out an investigation overseas, in an environment completely distinct from our native wildlife. 

After completing this degree I realised I wanted to specify more in animal conservation and found a Masters Degree at the University of Bristol in Global Wildlife Health and Conservation, developing my skills in general wildlife knowledge such as disease hosts and transmission and how to appropriately and practically put forward the necessary conservation methods when faced with a wildlife issue. What caught my eye was getting hands on experience at Bristol Zoo Gardens with the keepers as well as being taught by their vets learning animal first aid and husbandry of the many types of the exotic species that were available. To complete the degree I carried out my research project for four months on a captive group of the critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla at Bristol Zoo Gardens; an opportunity I saw into researching and identifying the tasks involved with protecting an endangered species, including experiencing first-hand how important zoos are in educating the public and as well as an insight into what a possible future career path in research would be like.

I first heard about Frontier at a careers fair at my college, and since have been inspired by all the opportunities with the variety of projects all around the world, helping conserve species and incorporating a sustainable lifestyle with local communities. The Research and Development Internship stood out for me as I hope to pursue some sort of career in research and saw the opportunity to give back, educate and inspire others who have not had the sort of background I have had, nor who have been my piers with similar interests, in order to spread the word of species in need to ensure they are around for future generations. I am so grateful for this internship opportunity and cannot wait to get really involved with the organisation and to expand my skills and knowledge over the next six months.

Charlotte Allegre Events & Marketing Intern

Charlotte Allegre - Events & Marketing Intern

Charlotte is a French student in Modern Languages applied to International Trade. She grew up in a small town where she kept dreaming of travelling around the world and discovering other cultures. She had the chance to go abroad several times, especially in the US, where she completed her degree and met great friends. Joining Frontier as an intern was a great opportunity for her to combine her dreams and her field of studies, to gain experience and self-confidence as a student but also as a person. She is sure that her time in Frontier will be beneficial for her future.

Eloise Hayes - Events & Marketing Intern

After deciding University was not the path I was destined to take I took it upon myself to get into work and start experiencing a range of jobs to find something right for me. One of these experiences was Frontier. I have always loved travelling, from places like Australia, Barbados and Austria, I have seen some amazing places and after studying geography and learning of the importance of conservation especially in the poorest countries in the world I am excited to be involved with the help Frontier offers through volunteering.
Although I have no definite next step after Frontier, in the near future I hope to spend a large amount of time volunteering abroad with various expeditions and enjoying travelling as much as I can. After these experiences I hope to gain the appropriate qualifications to gain a successful career in criminal law.

Lucia Ruggiero  Project Coordinator Intern

Lucia Ruggiero - Project Coordinator Intern

Since I was a child I always felt connected with nature and animals in fact I used to prefer playing with animal toys rather than dolls.  I grew up in a house with a big garden therefore I had the opportunity to enjoy rural life and to be surrounded by all kind of domestic pets in the course of my whole life. I don’t actually remember a period of my life when I was not playing or stroking an animal.  During my adolescence my love for animals grew exponentially as my conscience about all kind of problems related to this subject. So I decided to do more:  I did voluntary work, I brought stray animals at home so my interest was all focused on that because I wanted to be a solution and to make the difference. My desire to help and to be useful was, and still is, so strong that I decided I wanted to create my own organization for animal protection and welfare but I had to gain experience first. This brought me to Frontier.  

During my last year of my Master Degree in International Relations I had the chance to travel a lot alone, both within and outside Europe, and this helped me to mature and to really understand what I wanted to do in life. I travelled alone to challenge myself and to discover other perspectives than mine. Travel is my other big passion, after each journey I feel enriched personally and professionally. Being a part of a different culture even for short periods can make you realize many things about yourself and the world around you.

After graduating I was determinate to follow my passions and Frontier seemed to be the perfect place for me. It looks like it is starting from the very beginning.  As Project coordinator intern I hope to gain some valuable experience and a variety of knowledge that will help me to follow my desired career path.

Charlie Thomson UK Operations Intern

Charlie Thomson - UK Operations Intern

During my Geography degree at the University of Edinburgh I was able to take part in a voluntary conservation project in South Africa, assessing the impact of overpopulation of elephants on an ecosystem.

Throughout the rest of my degree I worked in places like Switzerland and Iceland, studying glacial melt rate and meltwater streams. As interesting as this was, after finishing the degree, I was keen to focus more on conservation. This caused me to head back to South Africa where I spent a few months training to become a Field Guide and then a further year working at a game lodge taking people on safaris. During my time there I was also able to work in other exciting areas such as big cat monitoring, rhino anti-poaching, and game reserve management.

I recently spent an additional 2 months returning as staff to the project that I had originally volunteered on in the Greater Kruger National Park.

Having experienced conservation research projects both as a volunteer and as staff in the field, I am now looking forward to learning how these kinds of projects are managed and organised and I hope that working as an intern with frontier will be the perfect place to do so. 

Fernanda Baraybar Events and Marketing Intern

Fernanda Baraybar - Events and Marketing Intern

Coming from Peru and Venezuela I have spent my life aware of the struggles in the world. Since I was very young I enjoyed doing volunteer work with various orphanages and environmental initiatives throughout South America. I was also very lucky to complete my university studies in Switzerland in a school that promotes travel and worldwide knowledge. Visiting various countries such as South Korea, Malawi, Greece, Malaysia and more, I decided to make my passion for travelling and volunteering my career. I searched to implement my studies of marketing and events with an organization that works to help improve the world. Frontier is a great place to do both and I am extremely excited to be a part of the team!

Sylvie Le Project Coordinator Intern

Sylvie Le - Project Coordinator Intern

I have been addicted to travelling since I was young. I have grown up in France, and I got the chance to frequently go to Asian countries. I have also improved my English while living in America, Australia and New Zealand for a few months. Last year I volunteered in a remote Filipino village and conducted several environmental and community development projects. It was such a great humanitarian experience and I have made friends for life in such a beautiful country.

Going abroad developed my passion for discovering new cultures, meeting new people and also for the environment and wildlife.

Once back in Europe, I decided to move to London where I have found the Project Coordinator Intern position with Frontier. Joining an NGO focusing on conservation issues and wildlife, but also on community development is very rewarding. Furthermore, I now understand how the projects are managed and coordinated, which is very interesting for me, as I would like to pursue my career in environmental projects management.

Maddie Roach Events & Marketing Intern

Maddie Roach - Events & Marketing Intern

Being brought up in London, I have always had a desire to explore outside of the city and see what else the world had to offer. With a South African heritage and family members living from the shores of California to the bustling hub of Singapore, my passion for travel and adventure grew throughout my childhood.

I was not deterred from travel whilst studying for my Undergraduate degree in Public Relations and Communications at Sheffield Hallam University. In my summer breaks, I completed two volunteer internships, teaching and caring in orphanages in Thailand, and backpacked independently through Spain, immersing myself in the Spanish culture.

Since graduating in 2012, I have worked in both Marketing and Events Management and have lived, travelled and volunteered in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Canada and North America…and that’s not the exhaustive list!

I have come to Frontier in the hope of combining my passion for ethical travel with my interest and experience in Events and Marketing. I also hope to develop my understanding of, and gain insight, into a successful NGO.

David Cooper Events and Outreach Intern

David Cooper - Events and Outreach Intern

Growing up in Australia I was lucky enough to live close to the Great Barrier Reef.  From my first visit as an 8yr old I fell in love with this mystical world.  After graduating with a degree in Marine Biology I found myself reunited with the reef once again on a tiny island called Lady Elliot Island.  Here I was fortunate enough to engage and educate the public on wildlife and the importance of its conservation.  My passion for travel and diving has taken me to some amazing countries worldwide including Belize, Honduras, Fiji and Mexico. 

Taking on a role as an Events and Outreach intern will allow me to develop new skills and gain valuable experience working for an NGO.  It will also continue me down the path to encourage people to embrace and appreciate the environment with the common goal of conservation.

Henry Anderson-Elliott Overseas Operations Intern

Henry Anderson-Elliott - Overseas Operations Intern

I have always had an interest in ecology and conservation growing as a result of many pass-times - from documentaries and travel to art and literature. After studying Geography for my undergraduate degree at Cambridge I began to greatly enjoy environmental and conservation research. Not coming from a biological background I approached these issues from a social sciences perspective - looking at the value judgements within biodiversity conservation. I researched my undergraduate dissertation in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and became vested in the conservation themes I was exploring. I have a strong interest in large predator conservation, in particular working to locate these species within the spaces of human expansion/development. These ideas led me northwards and I have applied for Masters and PhD with the Scott Polar Research Institute.

The Overseas Operations internship at Frontier is an invaluable opportunity to gain experience in the logistics and workings of conservation expedition planning. It also allows a fantastic insight into the workings of a global NGO and their group projects throughout the world. I am looking forward to contributing to this organisation and learning different skills over the next 6 months.

Margarita Samsonova Project Coordinator Intern

Margarita Samsonova - Project Coordinator Intern

I have had an interest in conservation since I was a child and after graduating from school in Latvia I decided to go travelling and volunteer for various projects around the world. In just few years I have visited 45 countries and volunteered in such places as Alaska, Cyprus, Thailand and Costa Rica working with a variety of wildlife. Soon I realised that to proceed with my chosen career I need to have the appropriate education and so I joined the Animal Behaviour and Welfare course in Oxford, UK.

I have always wanted to work for Frontier and I am very privileged to be a part of their team now. I believe that this opportunity will give me more knowledge about conservation projects and would help me to get into my desired career path as a researcher.

Julia Yee London Conservation NGO Intern

Julia Yee - London Conservation NGO Intern

Growing up in Saudi Arabia and having had the opportunity to travel to over 30 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas thus far, travelling has always been a significant part of my life. Currently, I am a student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where I am majoring in International Relations and Economics. Thus, interning with Frontier has been the perfect opportunity for me to get an understanding of how NGOs work, in conjunction with my passion for adventure and conservation.  

Mitchell Jacobs Project Development Intern

Mitchell Jacobs - Project Development Intern

I'm the second of our project development interns.  During my day I help deal with all the pre-volunteer queries and issues, research alternative partners for potential new projects around the world, and also attend events to help inform people about volunteering and travelling abroad. 

I have a background as a research scientist, studying chemistry, although I've recently decided to change careers towards environmental/wildlife conservation and so took on this internship at Frontier. I love to spend time in Nature, and given the opportunity like to travel and see the natural wonders of the world.  I have spent time travelling in Thailand, Australia and have also volunteered at an animal sanctuary in Bolivia.  P.S.....I really like bananas!


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