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Hanna Dokal Online Journalism Intern

Hanna Dokal - Online Journalism Intern

Hanna joined Frontier as an Online Journalism Intern just over a month ago. Having completed a degree in English Literature, journalism has always been her ideal career path. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Global Governance and Ethics which covers a broad range of political topics including Environmental Law. She runs her own blog and has written for other publications about the environment, ethics and community progression which is why she chose to apply for the internship with Frontier. The role combines her interests and skills honed by both the degrees. Writing about environmental issues enables her to do what she is passionate about, allowing her to gain new knowledge and skills such as social media management and formatting.

Maddie Pinkess Project Development Intern

Maddie Pinkess - Project Development Intern

I have always wanted to pursue a career in conservation; at the age of 18, I went on my first conservation expedition, volunteering in Honduras in order to help collect data on the Biodiversity of the region. I spent one week in the cloud forest and one unforgettable week on a small island, collecting marine biodiversity data in waters that were off-limits to commercial divers and fishermen.

After this volunteering experience, I was certain I wanted to study Zoology at university and completed my degree at The University of Leeds. This included a study year abroad, living in Melbourne, Australia, for 13 Months during which I studied, worked and travelled extensively. From my new base south of the equator I took the opportunity to travel frequently around the continental mainland, taking trips to neighbouring states of New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania. I also spent time in Fiji, New Zealand and Bali during this year, and witnessed the extraordinary biodiversity on this side of the world. My most recent trip was to Hawaii, where I tried my hand at travelling alone. I stopped for 10 days and explored the Central Pacific State, as I flew the long way around the world on the way home from Melbourne to London.

On returning to Leeds for my final year of study, I chose modules that concentrated on sustainability issues and the not for profit sector, to further my understanding of environmental problems and the global projects that tackle them. I thoroughly enjoyed this module and have obtained an eagerness to expand my knowledge of development issues. This has been made possible by working with Frontier. As a project development intern, I have gained experience at an extremely well-known conservation and development NGO. Despite only recently starting my internship I have already been given a lot of responsibilities and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to contact conservation organisations around the world and set up partnerships with them. By the end of my internship, I will have gained valuable experience for pursuing a career in conservation and sustainable development.

Piera Spinelli Barrile Project Development Intern

Piera Spinelli Barrile - Project Development Intern

Since a very young age, I remember travelling in several countries and meeting people from the most different background and experiences. The most relevant experience that has shaped my attitude towards life was being born and living in Haiti for over 10 years. Growing up in a developing country and having to move abroad for studies has represented an important step in my life showing how much work needs to be done and how my contribution could help to improve the lives of those more in need.

This has pushed me to deepen my knowledge in international development. First, travelling in several countries in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean; and then, completing my Masters degree in Development Studies at SOAS University of London where I learned more about the politics and economies of developing countries and their relations with development organizations. These combined experiences have paved the way for my future career plans in the field of community development.

With this internship, I am sure I will gain valuable experience on how the process of developing a project works. From deciding where and with whom to start a new project, to its monitoring and evaluation and all the other aspects that are in-between. This will represent an important step for becoming later a Project Manager.

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