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Jade Hall Project Development Intern

Jade Hall - Project Development Intern

Throughout my life, I have always had an interest in animals (not always the cute and fluffy ones) and the environments they live in. With my very first pay cheque, I started to save the few pennies I earnt so I could travel and discover the fantastic animals that I only saw on TV. My first trip abroad to Thailand (which was a volunteering placement in an elephant nature reserve) led me to get a Masters in ecology, evolution and conservation. As a trained scientist, I have been taught to be logical and technical but there is nothing better than observing the world around you. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to work and travel with several inspirational conservation NGOs as a biologist and a volunteer. My time working on these incredible projects and seeing all the good they could do is what led me apply for a PhD in animal welfare science (and I only have 1 year to go). Currently I am working for Frontier as a project development intern. I am excited about this opportunity with Frontier as I get to see first-hand the impact that their projects have on not only the communities they are helping but also the volunteers that participate.

Yemaya Lee-Hewitt Overseas Operations Intern

Yemaya Lee-Hewitt - Overseas Operations Intern

Having only just started my Overseas Operations internship, I still have a promising 6 months ahead. All the teams; Interns and full timers alike are really friendly, giving the nicest vibe to the Frontier London HQ. Becoming part of the Overseas Operations team gives me hands on experience in the logistics, planning and problem solving that comes with the group projects. Day to day I have a large involvement in the recruitment of Field staff, and considering I’ve been here less than a week I can tell each day will be different. Already I have personally screened and summarised all reports from the projects for this time of the year, I love that it allows me to have a direct line and deep insight into the scientific research and the general day to day life.

My experiences from past expeditions I've been involved with in Southern East Asia; volunteering in an English teaching school in Kep Cambodia and the short period of time I studied in a college in Beijing, apart from being a great experience, I feel has given me a solid foundation of knowledge that can be applied to the type of procedures that occur in running the Frontier N.G.O projects.

Being fully committed to a future in wildlife biology and conservation, I continue to expand my awareness of the industry, and wanting to do so was one of my sole reasons for pursuing an internship with Frontier. For me, being placed in an organisation that is at the heart of Conservation and Research projects globally is an invaluable opportunity; I'm really excited to see where this placement will take me!

Fernanda Ramirez - Events and Outreach Intern

Since I was a little girl, I have always been surrounded by animals, and so, I have created a huge bond with them, and also with it’s creator our mother nature. My goal in life is to contribute to earth as much as it has contributed to me during my life, to give it back in return everything it deserves and all the good we the humans have stole and destroyed from it. Although I have studied business in Chile and a master in management in France, my real passion is with nature, and I have always spent my free time in volunteering and helping homeless animals, in order to save them and also to show  the world a simple idea of how to create a sustainable way to save what is left from our beautiful earth.

I have always wanted to be a part of something like Frontier, I feel like it shares and somehow involves everything I believe in. Starting everything by informing and letting people and mostly kids (which are our future) know about environmental conservation and to take care of others living beings is the basis of everything we are creating for the future. So now, being part of the events and marketing department, and being finally able to be a part of something like this and having to put  my hands on real work it is an amazing feeling i will never forget and I expect to get all the information and benefits of the knowhow and share it in Latino America in order to expand the frontier amazing mission which involves a better future for us all.

Cecile Farber Science and Outreach Intern

Cecile Farber - Science and Outreach Intern

The first time I crossed an ocean, I was one. My mother likes to tell how the only thing that put me to sleep was the voice of the pilot who came to see what terrible baby had been crying for 5 hours. I guess since that day I never stopped being curious about what was around me, about the world and its infinite multiplicities. I grew up fortunate enough to mostly go where I wanted when I wanted, to volunteer around the world and travel extensively, to witness the beauty of nature and people. It then breaks my heart to see our world degrading the way it does. I felt like I needed to give a bit back of what I received and how else could I do than through an organisation such as Frontier?

I feel very fortunate to be able to part of it and to learn how it functions. I have already volunteered with an NGO that did development and education in Belgium (where I’m originally from) and Benin as well as interned at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation. However, I felt very much frustrated by the extent of bureaucracy and inefficiency due to very large official bodies. I’m much happier to be a smaller structure!

Pippa Howarth Research and Development Intern

Pippa Howarth - Research and Development Intern

As a recent Marine Biology and Oceanography BSc Hons graduate of Newcastle University and qualified PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer the privileged access to the underwater ecosystem I have gained has allowed me to apply the theory, taught throughout my education, to personal experience. This has increased my awareness of marine exploitation and the resulting environmental issues and fuelled my desire to contribute to the worldwide effort of conservation by pursuing it as a career.

My previous experience encompasses active involvement in marine projects and employment in countries of varying climate, affluence, ethnicity and remoteness. I have been involved in BioRock coral reef restoration projects in the Gili Islands and through involvement with the sustainable sea cucumber and seaweed aquaculture project in Madagascar, I provided communities with the resources and support for a robust aquaculture program with the capacity to provide guaranteed market access, food security and economic growth for fishing communities across the Bay of Ranboe. For numerous summer seasons I’ve held a ‘Marine Science Instructor’ position with ActionQuest in the British Virgin Islands, an international sailing, scuba, marine science and leadership-training program for teenagers. My responsibilities encompassed leading dissections of the Spiny Dogfish, Common Starfish and Lionfish. I delivered lectures in Introductory Oceanography, Tropical Ecosystems as well as being a supervisor to students undertaking their own marine-based research project.
I aim to apply my practical experiences to get the most out of the Research and Development role at Frontier whilst gaining a behind the scenes view of a Non-Governmental Organisation, acting as a springboard to my career in conservation.


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