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Research Seminars

Research Seminars

Frontier is pleased to share our knowledge with academic institutions, offering research seminars on a range of topics that draw on our own experience in the field, as well as the current literature and our most recent publications.

We offer to deliver a variety of seminars on biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and ecotourism to BSc and MSc students, free of charge. At present we deliver the following seminars on a regular basis to several universities in the UK:

This last newly developed seminar has now been presented at many universities, including Imperial College London and Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge. It was very well received by both students and attending staff, and generated much interest and lively debate.

In addition, we would be delighted to deliver a presentation on any of the following topics: Threatened biodiversity hotspots (Madagascar, Tanzania, Fiji, or Cambodia), Tropical Field Methods (marine and terrestrial), Tropical forest deforestation, Human-wildlife conflict in Africa, Protected area planning, Socio-economic research as a conservation tool, and Traditional fisheries. We would also be happy to tailor our presentation to the particular needs of the students.

For more information on any of these seminars, please email elise@frontier.ac.uk.