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Tropical Research Advisory

Tropical Research Advisory Committee

We can call on independent experts in various fields for advice on our research programmes. Together, these form our Tropical Research Advisory Committee (TRAC). Formed in 1993, the committee also supplies editorial comments on our publications and we provide the facility for members to conduct research at our field sites. TRAC consists of university lecturers, taxonomists, scientists and specialists, some of whom are ex-Frontier staff or old contacts from past projects. They are divided into TRAC marine, and TRAC terrestrial advisors, according to their specialist interests. All Frontier publications have been reviewed by TRAC members prior to publication.

TRAC guidance is sought when a project output manuscript has been approved by LHQ for submission to a peer-reviewed publication. At least three TRAC members with specialist experience in the subject area of the manuscript are contacted to review the manuscript. TRAC have various other essential functions. These include:

We seek new TRAC advisors occasionally, especially when we set up new projects.

Current TRAC Committee Members

Terrestrial/ Wildlife

Marine/ Coastal/ Wetlands

*ex-Frontier staff