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Intern Feedback

Manpreet Aulakh - Research and Development Intern

December 2018 - May 2019

During my six-month internship with Frontier working as a Research and Development Intern, I not only learnt so much about conservation, I also learnt how an NGO is run. After university I knew the first thing I wanted to do was an internship as I want to work for an environmental NGO in the future, so this internship allowed me to gain valuable experience.

My main job was to edit the science reports and publish them onto the website, from this I was able to enhance my analytical skills through helping with the statistical analysis of the data collected in the field. Through reading the science reports, I was able to learn more about the conservation efforts for each country Frontier works in, as well as more about the species present. Additionally, as a R&D intern you work closely with the Overseas Operations department so you also learn about how a project is run.

Overall I gained all I was hoping for out of this experience. It was amazing working with likeminded people who are very passionate about the environment. I highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in conservation and who would like a career in the NGO sector.

Yi Wen Tseng - Science Outreach and Engagement Intern

December 2018 - March 2019

I have spent four months on placement with Frontier. As I am currently studying a Master's Degree in International Events Management, being a part of the events team has given me a variety of skills and opportunities.

My main role with Frontier involved events planning for various careers fairs and talks, which game me the chance to travle to schools and universities around the country, spreading the word about what Frontier does. Additionally, going to events and presentations helped me become a more confidence public speaker and I was lucky to meet some interesting and kind people.

This was my first internship and I had an amazing experience, learning the inner working of a not-for-profit organisation. During my time with Frontier, I enjoyed our office culture very much which has a young vibe and friendly environment. I have met some like-minded and cool people from all over the world.

Overall this experience has made me a better person. Also, I would love to say thank you to those who I worked alongside.

Rose Rojkjaer - UK Internship

January 2019 - March 2019

I spent 2 months with Frontier where I had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in each department. This was a fantastic experience as I am a University student and was specifically looking to learn about what careers there are for environmental students. This also gave me the chance to work closely with every member of the office, all of whom were always so welcoming and gave me the opportunity to gain more insight into the responsibilitys of each department. This helped me to discover where my own interests lie.

Throughout my time at Frontier I was given a lot of responsibility. This made me incredible motivated only making my experience with Frontier that much more exciting. During these 2 months I have only become more exciting about starting my career in conservation.

I would like to say a massive thank you to each of my line managers, especially the one that brought me on board, and everyone that has been a part of my experience here at Frontier. Fortunately, this is not the end of my relationship with Frontier. I am taking on a job of Student Representative and I look forward to my continued partnership with events and sales in the upcoming years.

Anesilina Carvalho - UK Operations Intern

December 2018 - February 2019

I have truly expanded my knowledge and learnt a lot from my team. I have been given a great level of responsibility, which felt as if I were part of the staff members instead of interns. From my previous roles this is something unique I have experienced at Frontier. I started this position not knowing what to expect, however it has expanded my horizons with regards to environmental matters, marine & conservation projects and how to develop and write them up. I hold a degree in BA International Development, hence the reason why I chose to join Frontier for 3 months as a Project Development Intern.

I cannot thank my line manager enough for his guidance and teachings, alongside his endless patience and invidious leadership skills. Not only have I had the chance to develop new exciting projects, but I have enjoyed going to Events across the country such as facilitating school talks. In sum, this opportunity has helped me understand the work structure within an NGO while giving me the opportunity to grow my knowledge in sustainable development.

Alex Gardener - Overseas Operations & Research Intern

August 2018 - November 2018

Overall, I enjoyed the research and operations internship that I completed from August until November with Frontier. It was a valuable experience that I will hopefully be able to use to develop my career in conservation science. While I was already familiar with the research side of the internship, I was able to develop my skills in project management through working in the operations half of the department. Part of the internship also involved going to various events around the country, which was a good opportunity to see what other NGOs were doing and talk about the science that we were doing on the Frontier projects.

One of the major challenges for me was finding somewhere to stay during the internship as I am not based in the UK. Fortunately, London has plenty of choice and this meant there was lots to do on my days off!

If I had to do the internship again, I would have like to have done it for longer. 3 months is a very short time to get to grips with all of the aspects involved in helping to run an NGO. Thankfully now though I’m staying on as Frontier’s Overseas Operations Officer in a full-time role so I’m looking forward to learning more and being a part of the team for a lot longer!

Ignatius-Roy Hillcoat-Nalletamby - Online Journalism Intern

August 2018 - December 2018

Having completed a Biology degree and realising that scientific research wasn’t for me, I decided to try my hand at communicating science to the public. My experiences at university were helpful but not applied to the real world. My internship at Frontier gave me the opportunity to gain real world writing experience on a range of topics including environmental science, travel and wildlife and for that I am grateful. On top of that, I was able to get experience in running social media channels, interviewing scientists and industry professionals and much more.

As with all working environments there are challenges. The organisation is small and this means interns from all departments often attend events in locations across the UK. Although these trips are exciting, it can be frustrating when the events don’t go quite to plan – you certainly learn a lot.

Overall, my experience with Frontier has been one of growth - I was afforded fantastic creative freedom and responsibility from day one. The organisation is admirable in its aims and its welcoming attitude towards people from around the world. If you’re looking for a way into a crowded journalism and writing industry then Frontier is a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills in the real world.

Caitlin Casey - Online Journalism Intern

August 2018 - January 2019

I have spent six months on placement with Frontier as part of my university course in English Literature. As a Literature student looking for Journalism experience, this role has been perfect for me to develop my confidence in writing and content for a professional organization. Throughout my six months as an OJI, I have not just undertaken skills in journalism but in many different marketing roles such as communications, PR, graphics and analytics. I have also travelled with Events to many universities, colleges and schools as a representative of Frontier.

Being an OJI gives you great creative freedom with responsibility of social media platforms, blog content and writing articles on travel, environment and conservation. Being given independence to be original, over my time I interviewed a variety of renowned names such as Levison Wood and Chris Packham as well as directing the ’12 Days of Christmas 2018’ advent competition. I was always encouraged to think of new campaigns to assist the marketing department by constantly updating the social media schedule and exploring new platforms such as Pinterest to build brand identity.

Over the six months I can confidently say that it has been an enjoyable role with the ability to develop essential social media awareness, produce professional content as well as exploring new journalistic skills. I will continuing my role with Frontier by working as a Fields Communications Officer and transferring the skills that I have learnt in the office out onto the project abroad.

Felix Bergemann - Online Media Intern

July 2018 - December 2018

I could really get creative during my internship at Frontier, producing videos of different styles for different purposes platforms and usage whether it was a short promotional video, longer interview-focused ones or Facebook banner or advert videos. My editing skills vastly improved during the past five months and I am proud of all the content I produced for Frontier’s various social media channels.

Working for Frontier was amazing! Everyone is very nice and welcomed me with open arms. It didn’t take long to feel at home. I got to know a lot of unique people and found a lot of friends during my time in London. The Online Media Internship was a great opportunity and I would recommend it!

Siân Kelly – Overseas Operations Intern

January 2018 – April 2018

I really cannot believe my 3 months as Overseas Operations Intern has come to an end. After finishing university with a degree in Biology and travelling a little around the world, I knew I wanted to work within an organisation that works towards a global conservation and sustainable development goal, which is where I found Frontier. I have had more responsibility than I could of imagined but I feel that this has only made the experience so much more worthwhile. I have not only worked on vital recruitment and logistics of the group projects but have spoken at school and university careers fairs all around the country.

Having never worked for an NGO before, I did not understand the extent to which the organisation had to work to ensure the smooth running of international conservation projects. I have learnt that running projects from the other side of the world and with third parties is not always smooth sailing, however, the results make it worth the while. Everyone in the office are such amazing and passionate people from all around the world who work unbelievably hard in the various roles at Frontier.

I have learnt an awful lot and it has truly been a privilege to gain a wealth of experience that I will take with me in my future career, thank you!

Claudia Afeltra – Science Outreach & Engagement Intern

September 2017 - March 2018

Having grown up in South Africa conservation and community development have always been great passions of mine and after I completed my Masters in Zoology, I knew that I wanted to work in conservation and make a real difference but I was unsure about how to get there. When I came across the Science Outreach and Engagement Internship at Frontier it seemed like the natural step in starting my career because it would allow me to not only work within research but to engage with schools and universities around the country.

During my internship I was given a great deal of responsibility from day one, this included contributing to Frontier’s newsletter, reviewing science reports and most excitingly assisting in the development of a partnership with a London based university. The team at Frontier London Headquarters are so welcoming and will make you feel right at home, I am so unbelievably grateful for the experience that they have given me.
I enjoyed my time at Frontier so much that I will be joining the team in Belize as an Assistant Research Officer and I am so excited to begin another adventure within an incredible NGO.

Hanna-Johara Dokal – Online Journalism Intern

December 2017 – February 2018

I studied English Literature as an undergraduate and I’m now completing my Master’s in Global Governance and Ethics. Both degrees were undertaken to give me a strong background for current affairs journalism, which is the career path I have chosen. My interests lie in human rights and environmental sustainability so when I found the online journalism internship with Frontier, I had to apply. The role entailed pitching original ideas centring on environmental news and community development; the things I care about most! I was really happy being able to produce articles weekly, there were various topics to cover which made it interesting and varied. I had other tasks too, allowing me to learn so much, such as how to carry out admin tasks and run the social media feeds which are useful transferrable skills.

The team were great and really helpful, I found it easy to get settled in very quickly. The role gives you creative freedom whilst also ensuring you have other responsibilities that will be useful in any role. I also got to travel across London to give talks and represent Frontier at fairs, which gave me a change of scenery, an opportunity to meet new people and helped me to refine my organisational skills. Overall, I am glad that I had the chance to gain so much experience in the field I wish to work in and I am grateful to Frontier for being such a great company to work for!

Gabrielle Brooks – Online Journalism Intern

October 2017 – December 2017

I studied Zoology at university and I have always had a passion for the natural world and the environment,
so when I came across Frontier's online journalism internship I thought it would be a great way to gain work experience whilst sharing my passion with a wider audience.

During this internship I gained lots of transferable and valuable professional skills, you are
really made to feel like part of the team and everyone at the London office is so friendly. My main responsibilties during my time with Frontier included updating their social media accounts and writing articles for their blog,
Into the Wild. I really enjoyed writing about current environmental issues, travel and wildlife, you end up learning a lot through your research for your articles.

I also travelled to many different locations across the uk to represent Frontier at events at schools and
universities. This gives you fantastic experience interracting with a range of different people and really helped me gain confidence in public speaking. I would recommend this internship if you have a passion for writing as well as the environment and conservation,
it's a great experience!

Fran Collis – Online Journalism Intern

October 2017 – December 2017

Although I studied English at University, I have always been passionate about conservation and the environment, yet I was unsure about how I could make my passion a career and do something worthwhile. Discovering the possibility of an internship at Frontier was thrilling, and working as an Online Journalism Intern at Frontier not only showed me all the important work that happens behind the scenes at a conservation NGO, but gave me the freedom to explore my capability as a writer in a creative working environment.

I feel so grateful to Frontier for giving me the opportunity to join the close team that works in the London Headquarters. Everyone in the office was so welcoming, and all the interns who work there are given a genuine level of responsibility from day one! As well as managing the social media accounts and writing blog posts on a daily basis, I also travelled around the country representing Frontier at careers fairs and giving talks, which was great for my confidence! I miss the office and was sad to leave so soon, but am so thankful my time there and looking forward to the next step.

Jasmine Brock - Overseas Operations Intern

November 2016 – May 2017

My 6 month internship in the overseas operations department at Frontier has flown by! It has been such a fun experience but also really interesting. It was great to see how a conservation non-governmental organisation operates. I loved that the role was really varied, which made every day in the office different. One day I could be helping staff Frontier’s overseas projects and the next I could be purchasing and dispatching equipment out to the projects all over the world. Alongside my internship I was also able to move around the organisation and see how the other departments work. This has included attending events to spread the word about the work that Frontier do as well as helping to assess BTECs for the UK operations department. Being an intern at Frontier was also really fun! Everyone is so friendly and really makes the office a great place to work. Overall, I have learned many valuable, transferrable skills and it has been a great start to my future career.

Natalie Kinsley - Project Coordinator Intern

December 2015 – March 2016

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to intern for Frontier and loved my time here. The people here make the work place what it is! Working with the UK Operations department as a Project Coordinator Intern was a great experience for me. I have learnt a number of important transferable skills that I can take forward with me into my future career. I also had the opportunity to work with the events team, visiting various careers fairs and talks around the country and spreading the word about Frontier. As a first step into the environmental sector, interning at Frontier has been a great experience and allowed me to gain a valuable insight and understanding into how a non-governmental organisation works. In a nutshell I have had a lot of fun interning with Frontier thanks to the fantastic Frontier team!

Alistair Ross - Online Journalism Intern

October 2015 – December 2015

My last three months with Frontier have flown by, so it’s safe to say I’ve loved my time here. I’m sure at a lot of places going in to an office as an intern would often mean your importance and levels of responsibility are fairly small, but at Frontier it’s the complete opposite. I felt that my work as an Online Journalism Intern was both important and valued, being heavily involved in the social marketing of the site, as well as writing articles for the blog of course. As an intern I was also able to get involved with the Events Department, visiting various careers fairs and talks around the country and spreading the word about Frontier, which was hugely rewarding. It was not only the work that made my time here so enjoyable but the people too. There is a positive and friendly atmosphere in the office, and you’re made to feel right at home from the off.

Working at Frontier has allowed me to further my professional outcomes while also putting me into touch with a fantastic group of people. Rather fortunately, my time here is yet to come to an end, and in January 2016 I’ll be lucky enough to be heading off to Central America and lead Frontier’s Eco-Trail through the region. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t absolutely buzzing for it!

Eleanor Stewart - Events & Outreach Intern

July 2015 – December 2015

At the start of my internship I didn’t really know what to expect, but now 6 months later I would definitely recommend it. The internship has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself and my own abilities as well as the inner workings of a very successful NGO. As well as my main role in the events department booking and processing events I have been able to get a bit of experience in other areas. I have really enjoyed the variety: from writing articles for the Frontier blog to helping out the research department or answering the phone to volunteers with questions about their upcoming trips. Throughout my internship I was given the perfect amount of responsibility– I felt as though the things I was doing were useful and important without too much pressure or feeling out of my depth. Everyone here is passionate about what they are doing which creates a really good atmosphere around the office.  I got to know some great people and I will be very sad to say goodbye to all of them.

I now feel ready for the next stage of developing my career in conservation. I am lucky enough to be going out to the Frontier marine project in Tanzania as an Assistant Research Officer in April which I am incredibly excited for!

Ellie Hughes - Online Journalism Intern

August 2015 – October 2015

There aren’t many internships where looking at pictures of cute animals and reading about amazing experiences all day is acceptable behaviour, but then again this wasn’t like most internships. From day one, I felt like I was given a level of real responsibility within the marketing team—manning social media accounts, writing blog articles, interviewing volunteers and negotiating with marketing departments in other organisations to help promote Frontier in the wider world. The number of different aspects to the role meant that no two days were exactly the same, and there was always something new to learn.

The staff at LHQ worked hard to make sure I got as much out of the internship as I wanted, so as well as learning more about producing and managing online content, social media, and NGO marketing, I have also learnt about public speaking and the ins and outs of holding successful events. I feel like I’ve gained a number of useful skills that will stand me in good stead for the next stage in my career. And—possibly more importantly—I had a lot of fun doing it! Thank you to everyone in LHQ.

Jacqeline Tokalu – Project Coordinator Intern

June 2014 – November 2014

I really enjoyed my stay at Frontier. The people here make the work place what it is and everyone makes you feel so welcomed and at ease. Working with the UK Operations department as a Project Coordinator Intern (group projects), was an amazing experience. I learnt a lot of skills I previously did not have and improved on my previous skills, it has been a great benefit towards my future career and life in general. This was my first internship and it was a great springboard. 

Sydney Allen – Events and Outreach Intern, USA

May 2014 – August 2014

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work for Frontier. I had never had an internship before this and working here was a great experience. I had the opportunity to learn about a great company and what it takes to start up a company in a new location. The workers are truly passionate about the projects and they passed on that passion to me. I really enjoyed posting volunteer opportunities online and sharing information with potential volunteers.

A huge thank you to Bobby, Ashley, Sara, Jessica, and Amy!

Sophie Aggett – Online Journalism and Media Intern

January 2014 –April 2014

My internship at Frontier was amazing. As an Online Journalism Intern, my duties involved writing content for the blog, helping to manage social media channels, finding ways to promote Frontier and much, much more.

Whilst some internships simply involve tea-making and photocopying, this one is very much like a real job. That sort of difficult challenge is much more useful than being the office lackey! I feel that I have come away from the internship a more inspired, efficient and knowledgeable person (to name but a few of the benefits).

Frontier’s focus on conservation and giving back filters throughout the whole operation and I feel lucky to have spent time in such a warm, passionate and talented environment. Not only did I get a huge insight into the fields of marketing and journalism, and a great experience to put on my CV, but I was also reminded of how important and beneficial a happy working environment can be.

I would like to thank everyone for being so welcoming, helpful and encouraging, and to wish you all the best for the future.

Kelly Gimson – Research & Development Intern

August 2013 – February 2014

At the risk of sounding corny I have spent my last day at frontier being slightly sad as I have to leave after being here for 6 months. As a member of the research and development department I have had the chance to hone my science report editing skills and have also gained essential experience in project proposals, publications submission and grant applications. It’s not all computer based jobs as we also had an extremely exciting trip to the ZSL reef conference were we created a scientific poster about our longest running marine project in Tanzania. For someone who wants to go into this field, having the chance to speak with eccentric scientists who have dedicated their life to conservation was amazing.

Not only have I had the chance to research a new and upcoming project and help adapt their training methods to fit in with standardised methodology (which was great) but I have made some great friends who helped make my experience here one of the best in the UK. Plus my confidence in public speaking has gone up 100% thanks to the career events which involve presenting to school, college and university students. So as I draw towards the end of an era (6 months) I would suggest anyone wanting to go into conservation definitely come here.

Catriona Ross – Project Coordinator Intern

July 2013 – February 2014

Working as part of the UK Operations team at Frontier has been a wonderful experience. I can’t believe how quickly the last six months has gone by!  From the first day, you become an integral part of the team and it is immediately apparent how vital the support of the day-to-day tasks you do in the office are to the volunteers that are going out on the projects.

I have been privileged to have a great variety of tasks from helping to prepare volunteers to go away, updating the website with photos and reviews, supporting the preparation of monthly finance, to going out on events and meeting potential volunteers face-to-face.

Even though I was based in the UK Operations team, I was able to get an insight into all the aspects that make up Frontier, as it is very much a team effort.

I have really enjoyed my time at Frontier and feel that I now stand in good stead for any future job that I apply for. As an intern at LHQ, there is such a great working atmosphere, you couldn’t ask for a better place to start out working life!

Richard Kino - Overseas Operations Intern

August 2013 - February 2014

Having escaped a tedious office job I joined Frontier in August of 2013 as an intern in the Overseas Operations department. 6 months later I have gained a wealth of experience, new skills and some amazing new friends! Having always been interested in the environment and sustainable development, Frontier was the ideal organisation for me to develop my skills and knowledge in the sector.

From day one you are given real responsibility and the opportunity to contribute to the successful running of their vital projects. Your internship will be split into two halves each consisting of three months with one half focussing on the recruitment of staff and the other focussing on the logistics of running overseas conservation projects! You will also have the opportunity to attend career fairs around the country and this is a great opportunity to improve your presentation and public speaking skills! Overall I am very sad to be leaving but would definitely recommend this internship to anyone looking for a career in wildlife conservation or international development!

Chloe Stephenson - Overseas Operations Intern

July 2013 - January 2014

I came to Frontier in the summer following my graduation, to begin a six month internship with the Overseas Operations department. Six months later and I am coming away with a wealth of experience that is already proving invaluable. The role was very varied, with a switch after three months, from staffing to liaising with overseas projects. Allowing me to learn a wide range of new skills, ranging from sourcing equipment to sitting in on interviews. There is also a chance to be involved in frontiers Events department. The talks and presentations I gave at schools and Universities have hugely improved my confidence and presenting skills.

Apart from the skills I have gained, I was instantly welcomed into the dedicated Frontier team and I looked forward to coming into work every day. This internship has taught me a great deal about the worthwhile projects with which Frontier is involved and has given me the experience I need to further a future career in the environmental sector.

Ed Hawes - Online Journalism Intern

September 2013 - January 2014

The Online Journalism Internship goes far beyond the stereotypical tea making, photocopying and acting as the general office runner. Being an OJI was like having a full time job; you’re in charge of maintaining most social media platforms, creating copy, uploading content to the blog, working on your own projects etc. If you want to learn about how an organisation markets itself through online media then this internship is made for you. In particular, I enjoyed the Twitter aspect of it, nurturing and seeing  the platform develop during the internship was pretty rewarding. The freedom and variety of the role meant I got to learn about all online media platforms and get a real insight into how marketing and journalism works.

I’ve loved getting to know the team, the atmosphere in the office is really relaxed and welcoming making for a great place to work.  The marketing team were awesome - very patient, which has resulted in me gaining some valuable experience that will certainly be carried forward into my next venture.

Bluebird Taylor - Events and Marketing Intern, USA

August 2013 - December 2013

I joined Frontier shortly after graduating college and I was excited to help educate people on conservation efforts and opportunities. On the Marketing side I had the opportunity to grow and learn with blogs and enhance my writing ability. For events I enjoyed the inner workings of event planning. Frontier’s genuine passion for educating people on the outside world in culture and conservation has made my time here enjoyable.

My co-workers were very friendly and willing to work with me on projects. I would like to thank UK Marketing and Events Team for their time with me and the Irvine team Bobby, Ashley and Sean for my time here at Frontier--you will be missed!

Kendall Heldoorn-Events and Marketing Intern, USA

June 2013 - August 2013

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to intern at the new US office in Irvine because it gave me on insight on what working for a non-profit organization was like as well showed me a glimpse of what it looks like for a company to start up new headquarters in a different country.

Coming in with no previous experience working in an office, I feel I gained many useful and practical skills such as responding to calls, live chats, and emails. I also acquired new marketing skills involving social media, writing for blogs, and researching ways to promote Frontier.

I am very appreciative of my time spent at Frontier. I feel that I learned a lot in a short period of time and have a greater understanding of what non-profit organizations do. Thank you to Bobby and Ashley for helping me along the way!

Hannah Hickman - Project Coordinator Intern

June 2013 – September 2013

My time at Frontier has sadly come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for such an amazing organisation within a fun and welcoming team. I have gained a great knowledge and understanding of how Frontier is run whilst developing new administration skills in a buzzing office environment. As part of my role I have researched and developed exciting new projects for volunteers to join in the future, where I have used my creativity to market them on the website. I really enjoyed learning more about NGOs across the world and all of the exciting volunteering experiences available. 

As an intern you are given a great deal of responsibility allowing you to really get stuck in and learn a lot from more experienced staff; whether it was answering volunteer enquires, booking in volunteers or attending career fairs I was always kept busy with a variety of interesting tasks enabling me to build upon my skill set for the future.
I would like to thank all of the Frontier team who have supported me and helped me throughout my internship and I would definitely recommend it to others

Nanna Paskesen – Online Media Intern

May 2013 – August 2013

After 3 months of interning with Frontier as an Online Media Intern, I must say that I have come out of here with a whole bunch of new experiences and skills that will serve greatly for my future in the media industry. I like that my tasks were varied and that I could focus on the things I mostly enjoyed doing. My tasked varied from translation the website, writing online content, sorting photo albums, writing articles to creating and editing videos for the YouTube channel. I have enjoyed having the freedom to come up with my own ideas and research for all these above, and carry them out on a professional online platform.  I never had a dull day, as the office is full of young spirit and it has been lovely to work in such a friendly atmosphere every day.   Working in the area of environmental conservation is something I wish to do in the future, and Frontier has definitely been a fantastic first step in the door for that. 

Ellie Cambridge – Online Journalism Intern

January 2013 – July 2013

My six months as an Online Journalism Intern have been fantastic; and while I have spent the majority of my time here happily writing at great speed, I now find it difficult to concisely express just how much I have learnt and how useful this internship has been for me! I’ve loved getting to know the team, and will really miss working here. I’ve learnt so much about online content writing, social media, marketing, and public speaking. I’ve been given amazing freedom and responsibilities throughout, and have gained experience that is invaluable. In the process of the internship I have increased my passion for conservation, and hope to go on to continue writing to promote conservation issues in the future.

Thanks again to all of the LHQ, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Gareth Roberts – Overseas Operations Intern

March 2013 – June 2013

Interning with Frontier goes far beyond the stereotype of spending long days photocopying and making cups of tea! My role as an Overseas Operations Intern was varied and challenging, giving me great experience in the running of an NGO. I found I was given ample opportunity to progress my skills throughout my time here and received great support from staff.
Day-to-day tasks included purchasing and organising logistics for equipment to go to overseas projects, updating the website with reviews and administrating staff recruitment, but everyday there was something new and exciting to get stuck into! The events programme that interns take part in is a great way of improving your public speaking and communication skills, as well as a chance visiting parts of the country you have never been to before.

I have had a lot of fun interning with Frontier. The office has a great atmosphere due to the fantastic staff and I have gained many skills that I can utilise in progressing my career!


February 2013 – May 2013

I’ve had a lovely time interning here at Frontier and getting to know the team! Working in the UK Operations department as Project Coordinator intern has provided me with a good insight of all the behind the scenes work that goes into ensuring volunteers have a great time whilst away on their projects!

This opportunity has provided me with useful administrative skills and experience working in an office environment. Day to day tasks have varied from booking volunteers on to their projects, to updating the website with their photos and reviews - a great way to see what they’ve been getting up to out in the field!

I’d recommend this internship to anyone interested in starting a career working for a NGO, it’s a great place to start!


January 2013 – May 2013

This role was my first long term employment in the UK, so I honestly embarked on the Frontier experience with very little expectations. This naivety on my part had allowed me to appreciate the organisation’s work from an unbiased perspective, which I found quite exciting and interesting!

One of the biggest accomplishments that I will forever attribute to this internship was being given the opportunity to develop blogging and article writing skills. While this may seem strange, since I worked in the Research and Development department, the internship on the whole allowed me to maximise as many skills as possible. I had always been confident in my scientific research skills, so the internship itself simply provided me the platform to use my acquired skill sets. However, it is this versatility that Frontier offers that has allowed me to discovered new abilities which otherwise would have remained hidden!

I greatly appreciated my time at Frontier, as now I can better grasp the dynamics that run an NGO. Also, the fact that the team was welcoming and warm was an added bonus to the already rich experience…not to mention the fact that tea and biscuit time is a daily treat!

Emily Griffoul - Events and Marketing Intern, USA

February 2013 – April 2013

As the Events and Marketing intern in the brand-new Irvine office, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the inner workings of a non-profit and to gain many new skills in the marketing field.  It helped me think about options for my future career, and I am grateful for the chance to try working in a conservation organization, and to get experience doing office work.  Additionally, going to events and presentations helped me become a more confident public speaker and to articulate the value of traveling and volunteering abroad.  The internship has also helped me develop my ability to deal with people, whether in person, on the live chat, over email, or on the phone, which is a valuable skill that I’m sure will be useful in the future.

Working with the Frontier staff in the Irvine office was great, and I am sorry to be leaving them so soon.  My Frontier internship was very educational, and I am so glad I had this opportunity to try something different and explore the non-profit side of conservation.  Thanks to everyone at the Irvine Frontier office, especially Sam and Bobby, for this experience.

Theo Cram - Project Development Intern

December 2012 – March 2013

My internship at Frontier has really flown by. It has been a fantastic experience where i've learned a lot and made some brilliant friends. Something that really stood out for me about working at Frontier is the easy-going office atmosphere and friendliness of the staff. It is definitely somethign i will miss!

Internships are a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the world of work and business. Although difficult at times, they are undoubtedly worthwhile so if you get an opportunity to be an intern in an industry that you are passionate about then definitely grab it with both hands. This internship, for example, has lead to an overseas position in Southeast Asia with Frontier, working as a staff member on the Ethical Adventure Trail!

Thank to everyone i worked with, I've had an absolute blast!

Jane Hardwick - Overseas Operations Intern

October 2012 – March 2013

My time as an Overseas Operations Intern has been most enjoyable. I feel I have met some really inspirational people and the experience I gained has given me the opportunity to become an Eco-Trail Leader in South East Asia for Frontier.

A particular aspect of the internship that I found beneficial to me, involved giving presentations to school and university groups which enabled me to receive feedback from potential volunteers and boost my confidence in public speaking. The administration tasks I learned in the office will prove to be useful transferable skills. These tasks ranged from HR, customer services, budgeting, collating reports, updating the website and social media marketing.

Above all, this experience has motivated me to continue working for conservation and to inspire other people to think about the importance of environmental work. Thank you for everyone who I worked alongside; it’s been great fun!

Rich Parks - Project Co-ordinator Intern

December 2012 – March 2013

My time at Frontier has been short but sweet! It has been a fantastic experience learning the in’s and out’s of volunteering. The staff are a friendly bunch and there are a good group of interns who socialise inside and outside of work!

Working in UK Operations has increased my understanding of the administrative side of volunteering, whilst liaising with different departments and volunteers. Gaining the experience of working in an NGO has been the most important aspect of the internship for me.

I would certainly recommend an internship for anyone looking to start a career in conservation or ethical travel, what are you waiting for!

Priyanka Sharma - Overseas Operations Intern

October 2012 – February 2013

Without a doubt one the most amazing things I will take away from this internship are the people I’ve met and the friends that I’ve made. I’ve learnt so much about Overseas Operations Management and for that I have my supervisors to thank; their dedication to conservation and international development has motivated me to do the best job I possibly could!

Everything I’ve learnt from Frontier will come in so useful for future endeavours, something I can’t thank my team enough for, who I’m sure will continue on to do some great work.
Time really does fly in this place, so I advise anyone joining the office or considering joining to ensure that you make the absolute most of the experience you’ll have here!

Jenny Collins - Online Journalism Intern

September 2012 – February 2013

Completing the Journalism Internship with Frontier has been a great experience for me. I was able to get involved in the specific areas I was most interested in and they were always open to my ideas. I’ve had the opportunity to write various articles both for Frontier’s own blog and for other publications on behalf of Frontier. Spending time in the office also allowed me to pick up on what was going on around me and all the other aspects of running an NGO such as Frontier.

Everyone in the office was really welcoming, friendly and helpful which helped me settle in quickly and made my time here both valuable and enjoyable.

Charlie Outhwaite – Research and Development Intern

October 2012 – January 2013

Working as a member of the R&D team has been great; I have had the chance to work with so many awesome people, both staff and interns. The office as a whole is a very friendly environment and you know someone will be happy to help you out should you need it.

Through working on the Frontier group projects I have been able to learn a lot about the wildlife of these areas as well as the techniques and methodologies used to study them. I have been able to assist the in-country field staff by carrying out research on their behalf as well as writing up a funding proposal for a new project.

It has been a great opportunity to see how an NGO operates and the kind of challenges involved in carrying out research in other countries. The internship has been a good starting point to gain experience in the conservation research field I intend to go into.

Sophie Kinsella – Events & Marketing Intern

June 2012 – January 2013

I am currently in my third year at The University of Surrey on a placement with Frontier, starting in June 2012 and ending in Jan 2013. I have been interested in events for most of my higher educated life and knew that corporate events is the area, to where I see myself in the future. Yet like any area of expertise you need experience, so the events and marketing internship here at Frontier was a great opportunity for me.

Here at Frontier, when not at an event at a school or college giving talks or participating at fairs, daily tasks would consist of event admin, booking schools and self projects. I re-vamped our information presentation and helped work on our outgoing promotion materials; I enjoyed the self projects as they incorporated the marketing side of my internship and tied it all together.

I really enjoyed the ambiance here in the office as my colleagues and I are alike in various ways. I hope I have found some long term friendships here at Frontier.

Marielle James – Research and Development Intern

August 2012 – December 2012

I can't believe my time at Frontier has come to an end! Working in the Research and Development team has been interesting, with the work very varied, from marking BTEC's to writing funding proposals. The internship has taught me a lot, and I found the outreach work with the events team especially rewarding. Everyone at the office has been great to work with, and there has been a fantastic work atmosphere.

I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in starting a conservation career or who is interested in finding out more about working for an NGO. The internship can provide you with lots of opportunities and can really build your confidence in a professional environment.

Olivia Herdman – Project Coordinator Intern

June 2012 to December 2012

I have very much enjoyed my project coordinator internship and learnt a great deal.

The main word that I’d use to describe the role is varied. The one thing I’d probably use the most in future jobs is what I’ve gained from the admin and finance tasks. I’ve found the partner project development the most interesting, it gives you a great insight into NGO’s in developing countries. When updating the website with volunteers photos and reviews your desire to travel rockets but having that small bit of IT experience was great.

After studying Tourism at university, I could really put some of my modules in to practice especially my favourite – tourism development. This has really given me some incentive for final year as I have seen how everything is relevant to the world of work.

Overall the Frontier office is a great place to work, a very friendly office. I will leave with a better idea of what kind of work I want to go to, with many transferable skills and what countries I want to visit as my geographical knowledge has been improved!

Grace McConnell - Research & Development Intern

September 2012 – December 2012

I’d like to start off by saying a big thank you to all the staff and other interns in the office. Having not worked in a business environment before and being particularly nervous I found it surprisingly easy to settle into work at Frontier and it has been great to work in such a young environment. The internship has taught me a lot, be it the day-to-day office chores of emails or the rush to get grant proposals in for a tight deadline.

During my time at frontier I feel that I accomplished tasks that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do elsewhere, such as proposing a new lemur project, and managing research objectives and coordinating with field staff for the Madagascar programme. The position also helped me learn to take more initiative as a lot of work is self-driven which means you need to get motivated and take on a new challenge every day to keep the work going.

I would recommend the research and development intern position for anyone looking to go into a career in conservation that may eventually be at least partially office based, as a great stepping stone to further a career.

Maria Sowter - Online Journalism Intern

June 2012 – December 2012

Having completed various work experience and internships in the pass, I can safely say Frontier provides a unique opportunity for anyone wanting to get stuck-in to the work place. As an online journalism intern I was immediately given the responsibility of creating content for Frontier’s blog and various social media channels, whilst encouraged to participate in weekly marketing meetings with ideas on how Frontier grow their online presence.

The role was incredibly varied, from reaching out to local newspapers or other bloggers and talking to volunteers, to writing articles and conducting interviews. If you’re interested in a digital journalistic or marketing and PR role at all in the future than I would highly recommend this internship.

I loved the role so much I am delighted to be staying on as Online Content Editor and am very much looking forward to the next year with Frontier!

Belinda Graham – Project Coordinator Intern

May 2012 – October 2012

My internship was fantastic and I always had something to be getting on with. I have developed my skills in customer service and I have had to be very organised, learning how to multi-task and use my initiative during busy periods. It has been so great working with such amazing people. I have acquired so many transferable skills (database management, email correspondence etc) that will definitely come in handy for any future jobs I apply for. It was such a lovely environment to work in and I would definitely recommend my internship, as it is very hands on!

I would love to start a career in the international development sector and will be looking to apply to international aid agencies in addition to applying for some graduate placement schemes.

Julia Crabbe – Research & Development Intern

July 2012 – September 2012

I decided to apply for a Research and Development intern position at Frontier following my Masters by Research at Durham University because I wanted to learn more about how international conservation organisations are run, and hopefully build up some useful contacts. I really enjoyed working in the Frontier office with a team of young and like-mind people who are all passionate about travel and conservation.

The area of work that I enjoyed the most during my internship was having the opportunity to write a science plan and funding proposal for a potential new project in Cambodia. It was exciting to use the research skills that I had learnt from university to help plan a project that will conserve biodiversity and hopefully have a positive impact on local peoples’ lives thousands of miles away. It was also interesting to learn about Frontiers marine projects, as my studies at university have almost exclusively focused on terrestrial ecosystems. Whilst interning in the Research and Development department I have undertaken a wide variety of tasks, from editing WWF reports from Fiji to researching the feasibility of offshore wind farms in Belize. The work is varied and challenging, and I would recommend a Frontier internship to recent graduates looking to build on their work experience.

Laura Burton – Research & Development Intern

June 2012 – August 2012

After completing a Masters at The University of Nottingham, I was absolutely delighted to gain a position as a Research and Development intern with Frontier. Working for Frontier has given me an incredible insight into the workings of a conservation development NGO, and given me a huge amount of experience in a diverse range of areas. Conservation and development has always been a passion of mine and it has been fantastic to see how much hard work and dedication goes in to running projects and funding conservation abroad.

My time here has been made so enjoyable, working in such a friendly office and meeting such fantastic like-minded people has been a great experience. The UK staff work exceptionally hard to make sure Frontiers projects are made possible, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside them. I will be extremely sad to leave!
I know that the experiences I have gained here at Frontier will be invaluable to me in the future, and I have really appreciated every second of my internship. Thank you Frontier!

Naomi Cole – Overseas Operations Intern

June 2012 – August 2012

Following on from a degree in International relations and a good bout of travelling I thought that Frontier’s Overseas Operations Internship would be the first step in the right direction. Working in the fast paced environment of Overseas Operations every day has been different to the last, thus allowing me to develop skills in a variety of different areas. One day you might be sourcing the latest diving equipment and sending it to Tanzania, another day you may be collecting field reports and creating databases, and another you could find yourself interviewing potential candidates. On my first day I said I wanted to learn more about the inner workings of an NGO and I can honestly say that I feel I have done that. There are so many layers to the successful running of an organisation like Frontier and due to this internship I have got to experience a fair few of them.

Not only has the job been a pleasure to undertake but the fellow staff and interns have been amazing too. I have made great friends here and am extremely sad to be leaving. The staff and managers have been incredible and are never too busy to answer your questions or offer you support. I could not recommend the internship at Frontier more, I have been given a variety of challenging and creative tasks, much more than I think your average internship offers, and have been able to undertake my tasks in a friendly and entertaining atmosphere.

Charlotte Jackson – Overseas Operations Intern

January 2012 – July 2012

I can’t believe that my 6 months with Frontier has come to an end already. It’s been a great experience learning lots about how a conservation organisation works and helping to keep things ticking over. I’ve been involved with many different aspects of the operations side of Frontier from interviewing and recruiting staff, to managing and buying equipment as well as being in communications with our projects overseas.

I hope to continue learning and developing my skills as I move on in my career, knowing that my time at Frontier has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge to add to my passion for travelling, development and conservation. I will miss all the friends I’ve made here and will definitely be returning to say hello!

Natalie Gardener: Project Coordinator Intern

January 2012 - June 2012

During the interview for this position, I was told I was entering a very varied role, but I couldn’t have imagined just how true that would be!

As project coordinator intern I have been lucky to gain fantastic insight into the research and development of various new projects, along with observing how we maintain positive relationships with overseas partners. After all the work, it’s rewarding to look at the website, or even have volunteers sign up to projects that you researched or written up. Best of all it's enhanced my geographic knowledge and given me the all important ability to name a large proportion of international airports.

The other aspect of the internship is volunteer coordinating. I’ve enjoyed being a busy body, checking that everything’s in place before volunteers head out to the field. But it’s also been a challenge to keep things running smoothly, which has definitely improved my organisational skills.

I feel it’s given me great experience in understanding the behind the scenes operations of an NGO. But most of all I’ve appreciated working alongside an office of diverse, but similarly minded conservation and travel enthusiasts! You guys have made all the difference to my time here.

I now plan to go off and explore as many of these intriguing destinations that I’ve watched us send volunteers off to for the past 6 months. And then hopefully work my way into the international development sector.
If you want to try your hand at developing new projects and better understand how an NGO operates then this is the internship for you!

Will Matthews: Biodiversity and Conservation Intern

February 2012 - June 2012

Following on from a Master’s degree in conservation science at the University of Liverpool, I wanted to gain experience within a UK based NGO. After a lot of searching, I decided that Frontier, with their global range of diverse conservation projects, would be the ideal place to start.

I’ve had a great time working in the London HQ for the last five months; the staff and interns been fantastic and will be greatly missed. I’ve learnt a lot about more about marine conservation whilst I’ve been here through studying Frontiers projects in Fiji, Madagascar and Tanzania, and had practice writing project proposals and grant applications. I especially enjoyed traveling round the country giving presentations at schools and colleges, and encouraging young people to work in conservation.

Now that I’ve finished my internship, I will be moving on to study different aspects of seal welfare and well being of pups in rehabilitation and captivity during the summer. This will be a great opportunity to gain some fieldwork skills with marine mammals, something I hope to focus on in the future.

Tim Allen: Biodiversity and Conservation Intern

February 2012 - June 2012

The last 5 months at Frontier have been an absolute blast. Not only do I feel I’ve developed my understanding of the inner workings of an NGO but it is without doubt the most fun I’ve had in the work place. Along with a banging Ops and R+D team, everybody that works here shares many a common interest and the good times flow on a regular basis. Underlining that however are the ample opportunities available to you to help you gain experience of what is required to run and fund conservation projects abroad.

Interning at Frontier has been the perfect stop gap for me between finishing university and finding full time employment. I am in no doubt that working here helped me to acquire an offer of work from outside the company and has been fundamental to the progression of my career in the environment sector. I’m confident that this internship has helped prepare me for my new role as a science strategy officer working for the Natural Environment Research Council. If you are considering interning, I would recommend that you take the plunge and do it.

Laura Ireson: Biodiversity and Conservation Intern

November 2011 - May 2012

After studying environmental science at university, I decided that conservation and wildlife was my true passion and I wanted pursue a career in this area. From looking into jobs after graduating, I decided that the Biodiversity and Conservation Internship at Frontier was the ideal placement to enhance my skills and knowledge in conservation.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Frontier over the past 6 months and will very much miss working at the London Head Quarters. I have learnt so much from my internship including how to write project proposals and funding applications, how to use ArcGis (mapping software) and so much more; all of which I know will help me toward gaining my ideal career in conservation. The things I will miss most about Frontier are the staff and other interns I have worked with. It has been lovely working with others who all share a passion for conservation.

Following my internship I will be travelling to Madagascar as a Frontier staff member on the Madagascar Forest Project for 3 months as an Assistant Research Officer. I will be helping out with managing volunteers and assisting with the scientific research.

Lucas Lowe – Biodiversity and Conservation Intern

November 2011 - April 2012

After finishing my marine conservation internship in Kenya and gaining a lot of practical survey experience in the field, I wanted to get experience of the running of a conservation and development NGO and applied for the biodiversity and conservation internship at Frontier.

I have really enjoyed the past 5 months I’ve spent at Frontier and I will miss being in London and all the wonderful people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I feel I’ve gained a huge amount of new skills and valuable experience, such as giving presentations to both students and colleagues and helping to research and construct funding proposals.

Frontier has been a great stepping stone for me which I believe has helped me to secure my new role as a Field Scientist with an aquatic science consultancy, where I hope to utilise some of the skills I have gained from my internship.

Hannah Cahoon – Marketing, Events and Outreach Intern

October 2011 - February 2012

I have really enjoyed my time at Frontier as the Marketing, Events and Outreach Intern. After working here for 3 months I feel it has improved my organisation, communication and presentation skills. I most enjoyed going to school events to talk to students about volunteering abroad as I got to share my experiences about travelling and volunteering to them. I met loads of great people in the office who were a pleasure to work with and who I hope to keep in touch with. The Marketing, Events and Outreach Internship has given me lots of new skills which I hope to take with me into my next job.

Sophie Meyjes – Overseas Operations Intern

October 2011 - February 2012

I have just completed a fun-filled 4 months at Frontier as an Overseas Operations Intern. With an interest in travel and a love of conservation- but little field experience- I joined Frontier to understand the running of a conservation organisation. Whilst here I have learnt a whole host of new skills: from sourcing equipment, to presenting research information and interviewing overseas staff members. I have enjoyed tasks such as phoning up random dive shops placed all over the world to find the best deals as well as writing and learning about the different procedures of acquiring various visas.

In the future I hope to further my involvement with an organisation such as Frontier and gain some research experience at one of the overseas sites I have helped to manage, as well as gain experience in the world of science communication. However, all in all, I have really enjoyed my time at Frontier and will miss the friends I have made!

Fran Box – UK Operations Intern

July 2011 - January 2012

One of the few questions I asked in my interview for this position was related to the amount of work an intern would do, I like to be kept busy! It wasn’t a lie when I was told that there was plenty for interns to be getting on with. As part of the UK Operations team I really enjoyed the variety and amount of work and responsibility I was given. Frontier has had interns for many years, it is part of the way in which the office works, which means you feel truly part of the organisation, not just someone there to make the tea and do the office photocopying, although of course everyone does get involved with these essentials of office life.

As mentioned by many of the past interns, one of the joys of being at the Frontier London HQ is the wonderful staff you get to work alongside, making every day at the office fun. Unlike office jobs I have had before I truly enjoyed being in the office and have made friends I will definitely keep in contact with.

Working at Frontier gives you an insight into the running of an NGO, as a whole, not only within the department you are working with. I was involved with volunteer coordination, however also had the opportunity to discover the workings of the Project Coordination and Press and Marketing teams. I would recommended this opportunity to anyone looking to work in an NGO or in volunteer management, not only will you gain vital experience, you will also have the opportunity to work within an excellent team.