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Responsible Travel: How to Volunteer Abroad

Responsible Travel: How to Volunteer Abroad

An ethical operator that is committed to responsible travel.

We believe that travel and volunteering abroad should help people to better understand their place in nature, not just as beings affected by it but as agents of change. Travel should help people understand how different communities interact with their natural environment and how economic, cultural, and social forces combine to shape this interaction. Travellers and volunteers should be aware of the impacts, negative or positive, of their journeys around the globe.

We believe that local communities should be involved in tourism fairly and in such a way that encourages cultural exchange and allows them to reap the economic benefits of tourism.

We believe that travel is about valuing diversity. Travel is about authentic experiences and volunteering enables you to immerse yourself in a foreign culture. Doing so will help you to grow as an individual and will help you to understand the importance of living in a world that is made colourful and vibrant by the many different cultures within it.

We believe that travel is about giving something back. Travellers should leave their destination environment and host community better than when they found it, even if it simply means giving a smile to everyone they encounter. Taking the opportunity to volunteer abroad enables the volunteer to make a tangible contribution to the lives of the communities they visit, whether they are involved in sustainable community development projects, teaching and care of children, health care, and the conservation of wildlife in countries that are rich in biodiversity.

We believe that travel should leave as small an ecological footprint as possible. We recognise that air travel is the fastest-growing source of CO2 and we are committed to offsetting our carbon emissions. Wherever possible we take alternative forms of transportation, from dhows to zebu carts. For information on how to offset your emissions with Frontier by investing in sustainable development, check out ClimateCare.