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Carbon Offset

Carbon Offset

Frontier has always been at the forefront of conservation and development research and project implementation. All of our projects have been run with minimal impact on the environment, whether that's through recycling as much waste as we can, building structures from locally available materials, or procuring locally available food to help support the local economies.

Therefore with the increasing concern of CO2 emissions resulting from air travel and their contribution to climate change, Frontier is striving to make sure that our volunteers have the opportunity to offset their own CO2 emission from their air travel. Over the next few months we will be launching several projects that volunteers can contribute to that will offset their CO2 emissions. These projects will take the form of tree planting and reforestation programmes and contributions to efficient stove projects. Please see the project section for an up-to-date list of the available projects.

If you want to offset your emissions, you will need to enter your flight details into our offset now section , in order to calculate how much CO2 your flight will produce, and how much it will cost to offset. The offset calculator will tell you how many trees, stoves, environmental education workshops, or stove building training sessions that money will cover. CO2 is now a global commodity that can be traded between nations and organisations; therefore, we are charging a market rate of CO2 offset at £12 per tonne, which can simply be added onto your overall expedition cost.

If you would like to see how we have calculated CO2 emissions and the subsequent number of trees/stoves that is attributed to offsetting, please see our brief description of calculating emissions, or download our CO2 Offset Programme: Aims, Objectives and Methodologies Manual.

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